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Importing / Editing an STL

GravehowlGravehowl Posts: 8
Hello everyone.  I have done a lot of searching and I'm still having trouble importing an STL model to edit and do things like create a stamp with.
I would like to edit models from Thingiverse, etc. for 3d printing.  If anyone has an in depth way of editing stls and then exporting them again for 3d printing in a program like cura.  I only have experience with loading STL in cura to 3d print.


  • grwarlockgrwarlock Posts: 1
    wrong forums
  • GravehowlGravehowl Posts: 8
    grwarlock said:
    wrong forums

    This is the forum for the oculus medium program. This is not the wrong forum for this question

  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    Hey @Gravehowl, you came to the right place - we're all here for you! Answered this on Reddit, but here it is again: 

    We don't support importing of STL files right now, but if you have a Windows PC, you automatically have access to 3D Builder. A simple way to get your STL files in Medium is:

    1. Import your STL file into 3D Builder

    2. Save as an OBJ

    3. "Add Mesh as Clay" into Medium (you can find this option in the Control Panel) and choose starting resolution

    4. Edit as you see fit

    5. Re-export (you can also find this option in the Control Panel) - At this point, you can re-import the mesh as a stamp, re-save as another STL, etc.

    6. Profit!

    Good luck! 
  • GravehowlGravehowl Posts: 8
    Thanks this is amazing.  
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