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Oculus download software location ask

AgosZ1AgosZ1 Posts: 6
Oculus asks for each start-up default download location and consequently does not see the downloaded games, what can I do?


  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    edited May 2019
    It's far better to have installed Oculus on a 2nd Drive (or a 2nd partition) due to eventual failures for Game Updates due to Windows Permissions via Win Security Updates influencing anything in OS Folders e.g. C:Program Files
    For this, follow the link...OR you may try Deleting all Games then reinstalling to a Folder NOT within the OS Folders.

    Deleting the "_oaf" Folder in hidden APPS DATA was an old method but will prove fatal at some point in time if still using OS Folders. Steam hasn't got these issues because we do not install into a OS Folder!
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