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Weird frame-glitch

ZebKingstonZebKingston Posts: 22
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edited May 2019 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
Hi everyone,

I've received the Rift S this week and I'm really starting to like it.
Coming from the CV1, I still sort of miss the 'color-pop' (OLED) and, of course, the audio / headphones.
I think the inside-out-tracking is nothing short of phenomenal and the ergonomics... I guess I'll get used to the halo-strap at some point...

One minor issue, though:
Every now and then, a distorted, white "old-TV-noise"-image is being displayed.
Not a huge issue as it's only there for a fraction of a second.
Still, I was wondering whether anyone else is experiencing the same issue and if I should return / swap the HMD?

I'm running the Rift S on an ASUS GL502VMK (GTX 1060 / i7-7700HQ).

Thank you in advance & best regards

Any way the color-parameters could be "modified"? (contrast / brightness etc.)


  • Tisa-Tisa- Posts: 8
    I noticed the same issue, the white "old-TV-noise" image appears sometimes.
    Looks like the screen resets for a fraction of second.

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  • SLM101SLM101 Posts: 13
    Same problem, Rift S used for about 3 hours. Seen the white flash around 5 times already. Hopefully will get fixed with a firmware update.
  • ZebKingstonZebKingston Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Ran both the Software / Firmware-update yesterday - didn't change a thing...
  • KyoshiVRCKyoshiVRC Posts: 5
    Ran both the Software / Firmware-update yesterday - didn't change a thing...
    Oculus has confirmed that they are looking into the issue and will be working on it for the official firmware release. A lot of people have experienced this and some guy even got a replacement but he still experienced it, so here's hoping for a fix from Oculus soon. It appears to be a software/firmware issue so we just have to wait. But if you don't feel like waiting you could always return it now.
  • Yobiwan29Yobiwan29 Posts: 98
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited June 2019
    I got a second Rift S for that reason and this glitch still remains... I've been in a discussion with the technical staff for a couple of days and they don't seem to provide any answer yet. Hardware or software ? Don't know.
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  • ZebKingstonZebKingston Posts: 22
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    @Yobiwan29 Hmm OK that's unsettling...
    @KyoshiVRC Don't really want to return it as I really like the Rift S / the new features
  • dburnedburne Posts: 4,025 Valuable Player
    I am on my second Rift S, having returned the first one to Amazon for replacement due to black screen issue.
    Both units have exhibited the very brief white flash occasionally.
    It is very brief and occurs not too often, so it really is not taking away much my enjoyment playing games,
    I do hope for a firmware/software fix at some point, they get rid of that and my unit would be perfect.

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  • ZebKingstonZebKingston Posts: 22
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    @dburne My thoughts exactly! I'd rather experience the frame-glitch every now and then and keep this great HMD! Here's hoping for a Software / Firmware-Update.
  • ElusiveMarlinElusiveMarlin Posts: 299
    Nexus 6
    There has been an update released today that might help things out.  Not had chance to test it myself, but as I also get the occasional "White noise" screen, I will be checking it out later tonight.
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  • ZebKingstonZebKingston Posts: 22
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    edited June 2019
    Thanks for the heads-up, @ElusiveMarlin - will definitely try this tonight!
  • ZebKingstonZebKingston Posts: 22
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    Bad news - installed the newest update this very minute (I've opted-into the Public Beta Channel) - no success... The noisy image would pop-up after, like, 10 seconds of use...
  • ZebKingstonZebKingston Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Received the replacement-cable this evening - installed it right away and ran a couple games / demos.
    Unfortunately, the new cable does NOT solve the issue... White-noise-flashes / images still popping-up every now and then...  :/
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