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How to develop Oculus Go app?

ARVRLoverARVRLover Posts: 11
How are you?
I have just purchased one Oculus Go for developing VR apps.
So currently, I am facing various problems.
First of all, I hope to know the process for developing Oculus Go app.
For example, "Is it possible to test app on unity editor, not on Oculus device? Of course, in this case, the Oculus Go will be plugged in Mac."
I have tried to test my own app on Oculus Go. But it took some minutes to build and install my app on Oculus Go.
The apk ran via "Build and run", successfully. But I couldn't find the installed app on Oculus Go.

So, I would like to ask you how I can develop Oculus Go app!

Hope to hear more from you.


  • ScottiedeanScottiedean Posts: 4
    if you did successfully build onto the Oculus Go then the file location will be under library/unknown sources. you should see the name of your file there
  • kevingullingkevingulling Posts: 86
    Hiro Protagonist
    Any luck? I'm getting an error where the app shows up under "not installed" and instead of an option to install, it says "incompatible"
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