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Discussing rift S tracking issues, need opinions

AryetisAryetis Posts: 4
edited June 2019 in Oculus Rift S and Rift

Ok so this topic is not meant to discuss about DEAD trackers / controllers, nor the static noises, black screens, etc

Instead I want to discuss about what oculus seem to consider a functional rift S (so far)
I've recorded myself doing standard motions like ; T pose, FPS pose, loose arms along the body, etc (look at the video description for more infos)

And I'd like some feedbacks about it from the community. Does this look like a normal behavior to you? If you do the same gestures do you also experiences tracking issues? Is it random? How often? At what speed? Does it seems framerate related? etc

I've already sent a ticket to Oculus about that issue, and it has been I quote "submit to our team for further review" for more than two days by now.
The tracking performance of my particular headset seem to vary greatly from day to day for what seem to be no reasons. Sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes my hands are frozen in the same place only rotating (=> tracking error) for 2/5 seconds every now and then, teleporting from place to place when I walk, passthrought mode as slow as a slideshow, etc...

PS : This Rift S is not using PTC firmware as it made things worse for me and running on a i5-7300HQ, GTX 1060 (Max Q), 16Gb DDR4-2666, windows reinstalled two months ago . Which gives an appreciable 20 -> 50% performance headroom. Gpu is never hitting 100% usage and sits at about 70% -> 80%, same goes for the CPU. AWS set on auto, I tried turning it off, it didn't seem to help

PPS : I'm using Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics\OculusDebugTool.exe  -> Tools -> SceneView to display the debug scene displayed in the video


  • Hicks613Hicks613 Posts: 331
    Nexus 6
    edited June 2019

    I'm using PTC.  i7 4550k, 16gb, 1080ti  10pro with and without the Windows May 2019 Update (DON'T INSTALL THIS - PROBLEMS WITH TRACKING AND AUDIO)

    Your video appears to be what I get in extremely bright daylight or very dim lighting.  This is terrible tracking.  What is going on?  What kind of lighting do you have?  I had similar issues in office lighting with florescent lights have a certain refresh rate.  There is a default setting for lighting in Oculus settings of 50hz if I recall. 

    I've had plenty of gripes with Insight and what it doesn't do well.

    To succeed in gaming with insight, you have to teach yourself to do unnatural things where as Constellation lets you imitate real life actions more naturally. I can't use a bow and arrow in the same way, can't enjoy vr boxing, and firing a sniper rifle is impossible.  Other in-game 2 handed weapons are possible.  But a chore!

    I've finished Creed, finished the campaign on Sacralith and still a decent player in Onward and Contractors VR finishing usually in the top 3 (in terms of kills) in 80% of my games.  FPS is my goto genre.

    But playing these games with Insight has made them all a little less comfortable and enjoyable.  I have a physical stock adjusted so uncomfortably, so that my right hand is a foot away from my face and gripping the barel of the rifle requires a fully extended left arm.  Boxing games tend to show how bad tracking is and my hands tend to lag behind my head/torso movements when i'm in a blocking pose.  Bow and arrow is now a massive god damn compromise.  You can't pull an arrow all the way back before firing.  If you do you have to release quickly, before your rear hand locks up.  No more taking your time and lining up that shot.

    I've heard the Rift S called "simple" or "sidegrade" but it should have had a massive "C" for compromise...or worse.

    Edit*  I'm seriously considering leaving the Oculus ecosystem and going Index.  If Oculus are not interested in providing anything more than a mediocre hardware with average experience and they're not interesting in making current customers happy, but more so in gaining new ones....then perhaps I should switch to Steam and Index.
  • RodDawg117RodDawg117 Posts: 13
    I get similar tracking issues. ADS on two handed weapons is incredibly bad right now. If it's an SMG or something and I'm holding at my waist and just sweeping, fine, but as soon as I line up my line of sight with the barrel or scope with one hand in front of the other (which is all the choice we have for that position) the tracking falls apart for the controller farthest away. This needs a fix desperately.
  • Hicks613Hicks613 Posts: 331
    Nexus 6
    I submitted a ticket to return my Rift S.  I can't stand it anymore.
  • AryetisAryetis Posts: 4
    My lighting setup is quite basic. I'm using natural light during the day. And I turn on my LED lamps during the night. More precisely:
    - Taotronics TT-DL16 desk lamp (?? Hz)
    - Ikea Not, GU10 LED1532R6 400lm (?? Hz) & atralux LED E27 10W 2700K, (50/60Hz)
    - Ikea Duderö, two Ikea GSU111 bulbs (50/60Hz)
    - Tibelec LED 4W kitchen lamp

    Thought with that said the lamp being all marked as 50/60 hz is throwing me off. Make up your mind lamp! Is it 50 or 60 Hz ?
  • paulo1410paulo1410 Posts: 5
    After a month researching and testing I think I know what cause the bug. The insue is caused by extreme heating on usb plug and motherboard chipset that causes data losses. You can solve this problem by 1) using a external usb pci-e (compatible with rift)  OR  2) just turn on a fan next to your opened pc cabinet to avoid the heating.
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