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Add Apps to Quest

ghelmaron.swiftghelmaron.swift Posts: 1
Hello. I recently started using the Oculus Quest and I received an email from Oculus that stated, "An app you own for Oculus Rift is free for you to add to your Oculus Quest. Add it to your Quest library now, or find it in the Oculus Store to install for free at any time." and it references the Wander App. Now, I don't have a Rift, but I have purchased the Wander app for my Oculus Go. Is there a way to add Wander to my Quest library at no cost? I tried looking around the website and even the in-VR store and cannot determine how.


  • NugTheNuggetNugTheNugget Posts: 4
    This happened to me with Robo recall and as long as you already using the same oculus account you just click on the game with your controller and the price will be free
  • Firestorm185Firestorm185 Posts: 125
    Yeah, it only works for certain games since the developer has to enable cross-buying, but you should be able to just download it right away. >w<
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