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Sorry, we're having trouble updating oculus.

taliosfalcontaliosfalcon Posts: 1
I've been getting the above error message "Sorry, we're having trouble updating oculus. Please make sure you have at least 12.00 GB of disk space free" and then randomly my rift crashes;
I have 60+ GB of free space on the system drive
Things I've tried;
uninstalling, reboot & reinstalling to a different drive with 4+ TB free
disabling all AV and firewalls and redoing all of the above.

No change, anyone have any ideas?


  • sraurasraura Posts: 590
    edited June 2019
    there is search box in top right corner - paste "having trouble updating oculus" there and you should get "few" hits.

    When uninstalling, did you follow this kind of steps: ?

  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 765 Oculus Staff
    Hello @taliosfalcon,

    I would check to see if you have any updates for Windows available. It'd also be worthwhile to try temporarily uninstalling your antivirus software (if third-party) then proceeding through the manual uninstall steps found in the link provided by @sraura.

    If that doesn't work, please grab your Diagnostic logs using the steps found here: then create a ticket with us having them attached so we can get this working for you. Make sure to include the steps that you've taken already so we don't repeat any unnecessary steps.

    Thanks. -Aidan
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