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Oculus Medium: Is there no option to center a layer's object to the origin??

Paragon816Paragon816 Posts: 2
I'm trying to make a perfectly symmetrical object and there doesn't seem to be an option where you can just move the work done on a layer to the origin. I get that you can center the boundaries of the box of the layer, but that doesn't do anything in terms of realigning the object. No button to snap an object to the origin, no button to snap it to the center of the mirror plane, no button to snap it to the center of the lathe...I was going to use this program to make 3D graphics for my games, but instead spent over an hour trying to figure out something that is supposed to be really simple and easy to find in any art program. I thought using the grid and angle assist would help, but since I couldn't find an option to snap those guides to the origin either,I just run into the same problem where I can't get it centered, and then the mirror plane is useless. One piece of advice was this: 
  1. Place the mirror plane where you want the new center to be
  2. Turn mirror plane off
  3. Delete half your sculpt according to where the mirror plane is
  4. Duplicate
  5. Flip, which flips your sculpt across the mirror plane
  6. Symmetry
  7. Turn mirror plane back on and save! 
I find this method ridiculous, and there are so many reasons as to why this is in bad practice if you're trying to make a professional or perfectly symmetrical model... The other was to set the lathe x axis to zero and then "center sculpt" but that button in the lathe options doesn't even move objects. I shouldn't have to finagle something to this degree just to make a box center over the is there not just a simple 'center object on origin' button?


  • nsxtacynsxtacy Posts: 4
    I tried this as a test and it seemed to work, if you create a new sculpt the scene origin (what you see when looking at the scene graph menu - right thumb stick down) will be at 0,0,0 for x,y and z. The lathe will be at 0,0,-0.5 since it sits a little lower. I assume you have moved the layer around and trying to center that layer back to 0,0,0, if you create a new sculpt layer and draw a random sphere anywhere in space, to get that sphere back to 0,0,0 I would bring up scene graph, center bounds (may not be needed), under the Manip section make sure coordinate space is set to scene origin and then select the 2nd icon over, translate, and then below that you can click the X on the right side to zero out the X Y and Z which should return that 2nd layer with the sphere to the scene origin at 0,0,0. You can do the same thing with the lathe if it was not already at 0,0.

    Hopefully that helps point  you in the right direction if nothing else, I found centering things very confusing myself and while I feel like I get it a little better now putting it into words is not so easy lol
  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    Thanks for explaining @nsxtacy! Would love to make this easier too.
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