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Is the quest worth buying or wait

hello I was looking to buy a 128 go quest but seems like many people are having issues with them the next batch of quest are scheduled to ship on June 25. Do you guys think it would be better to wait longer till all the bugs are sorted out or just get one


  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,196
    edited June 2019
    No real issues with mine. The big problems right now are lack of software and high prices for that software. Though the prices are less of an issue for a new user than those of us who've already bought the game on one or two different Oculus platforms and are expected to pay $30 again for it on the Quest.

    Oculus really stuffed up with the cross-buy.
  • JohanTEAJohanTEA Posts: 58
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited June 2019
    It's defenitely worth byuying. But as you say, it is a bit unpolished at the moment.

    I'd say the hardware is fine but the system software is 98% ok. The hand control tracking needs improvement for fast and wide moves, this is mostly noticable in Beat Saber, and there are sound quality issues in general, very noticable in the web version of YouTube.

    I think none of the issues i have encountered are show stoppers and all can be fixed by software updates, it will just take a month or two for Oculus to fix it.
  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,196
    True, I occasionally get tracking errors in Beat Saber. But they're not common.

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