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Right controller joystick spring loose

Has anyone else noticed their right controller's thumbstick is making a really loud spring sound whenever you move it. This noise is driving me crazy and I've only had this thing for 5 days. I bought my headest from Best buy and I don't want to return the whole headset over a loose sping but I also don't want to spend $70 on a new controller that I've had for 5 days. Is there any way to fix this or do I just have to live with it?


  • stsueistsuei Posts: 2
    Hey, I have the same issue. Have you found a fix?
  • DarkFearHunterDarkFearHunter Posts: 2
    I have never found a fix for this. I contacted support and they wanted me to send it in to have it realized but I didn't want to wait to play the Oculus I just got that I play every day. My friend then the next day accidentally threw the controller across a large room and somehow the spring managed to pop itself mostly back in place. The spring is now barely noticeable but it's not perfect. So while I never advise it, some times you just gotta use a little force.
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