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No image, only sound

beauloomerbeauloomer Posts: 1

I have owned a Vive for a year and bought a Rift so that I could play with a friend using my laptop. The Rift works great with my desktop (8600K, 1070) but has no image when plugged into my laptop (7300HQ, 1050Ti), I can hear the sounds of the home screen, but there is no image. The LED is orange. My Vive works on the laptop, but because it has higher GPU requirements (1060+), it doesn't run as smoothly as the Rift would. 

Thing's I've tried:


Reinstall Oculus software

Reseat HDMI plug in laptop and in Rift

Different USB ports

Update Nvidia Driver (430.86)

Disable Integrated Graphics

I have searched the internet endlessly, this appears to be a common issue, but I haven't found a fix that works for me. Any help is appreciated.


  • GeneralDestructoGeneralDestructo Posts: 1
    this sounds like a power problem I had issues with mine when I used a breakout cable and found a lot of people having this issue using the oculus tray tool may help you. Google it and there's a lot of threads about this problem.
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