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New Rift S

maxx11111maxx11111 Posts: 91
Hiro Protagonist
just got a rift s....
a few issues and thoughts:   1st, i have a problem with i have 3 display ports on my 1080ti. I have two monitors, the third port doesn't seem to want to work properly. It work until windows boots, then the black screen. Any ideas?!!!

Is the filed of view meant to be the same or better than the rift?! because to me it seems less, but is that because i've been using the quest a lot recently?!

Regarding tracking: I am very impressed after initial usage, much better than  i though it would be. But I am running the newest software.

I have noticed the activity light on the headset seems to be staying white when not in use, rather than going orange... any ideas?!


  • dburnedburne Posts: 3,645 Valuable Player
    edited July 2019
    Try disabling your monitor number 2 in Windows , then try the Rift S. I had black screens in my Rift S until I disabled my secondary monitor. So now when I want to use it, I disable monitor 2 then all is well when I launch the Oculus software.

    FOV - my "perception" is slight less horizontal, slightly more vertical than the Rift CV1.

    Tracking - they greatly improved it with the 1.39 PTC update.

    Yes, the light on the headset stays white for me also and believe it is normal. Only time I have seen it orange is when it needed something, like a firmware update.

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  • maxx11111maxx11111 Posts: 91
    Hiro Protagonist
    thanks for your help but the issue with the 3rs dp port is the same if i only have 1 monitor plugged into it and no rift
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