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Oculus Phantom Touch Remover - fix those multiple right touch controllers

kojackkojack Posts: 6,576 Volunteer Moderator
edited July 2019 in Support
This may be a temporary tool, assuming Oculus fix the issue. But in the mean time...
Do you have multiple right touch controllers appearing in the device list that can't be removed using the remove option?

These fake controllers are caused by faulty entries in the DeviceCache.json file.

Oculus Phantom Touch Remover is a little tool that scans the DeviceCache.json file and removes any entries that look bad (mainly a Type of "controller", SubType of "rlcon" or "llcon" and Tracking Type of "unknown").
This only works when the Oculus Service (OVRService) isn't running (it only reads the file on start).
Other devices won't be affected, you won't need to run setup again (unlike if you just delete the cache file).

To use:
  1. Use the Windows Task Manager (service tab) to stop the OVRService.
  2. Run OculusPhantomTouchRemover.exe.
  3. Use Task Manager to start the OVRService again.


  • 0utsider0utsider Posts: 2
    But the controllers appear back within about 2 minutes and I instantly get kicked out..
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,576 Volunteer Moderator
    Yeah, they will probably come back until Oculus fixes the actual cause. This is just a way to remove current excess ones.
  • SpuzzumSpuzzum Posts: 843
    edited July 2019
    Sorry, but I have to extra controllers help in Beat Saber? :P
  • jabjab Posts: 251
    Nexus 6
    Better yet, can we ask for a refund for those extra controllers?
  • seymourhardingseymourharding Posts: 2
    Thank you!  :)
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