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Help me with buying!

ItsNukedItsNuked Posts: 1
Hello! Ive been thinking of getting a vr headset for a while now and decided to get one, but im not sure which. I was mainly looking at the Oculus rift S as i have a gaming pc and it'd be nice if someone gave me some advice. My pc has a 1070ti and good proccessors and such so running game isnt a problem, rathger the problem im facing is getting the right headset. I want one that can connect to the pc so i can play the games from my pc with the headset. So, if i bought oculus rift S, would i be able to do that? also, do i have to buy anything seperately or does everything come when i buy the rift s? Hope someone can help!


  • KnutsiKnutsi Posts: 147
    Hi Nuked (: If you are asking if you can play regular (🥞) games on the Rift S, you might be able to play some using software like Virtual Desktop, Bigscreen or the built-in desktop mirror. But this is not usually as comfortable as a gaming screen, and frame-rate is usually not very good. I have played a few rounds of Overwatch on my Rift, and I have a GTX 1070. 

    Buy a VR headset for VR games (: That is what it is for, and those experiences are so much better than flat screen games for this headset. Unless you have particular circumstances that makes use of a headset better than a screen.

    But also: I strongly reccomend buying a VR headset in general, and the Rift S is really good. The experience you can have in VR are mind blowing, and I think this is a very good time to get a headset (:
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