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Display Port Splitters? Who's using them?

bretweirbretweir Posts: 3
I'm running two GTX970 cards, with two new beautiful Samsung 4k monitors that I'd rather not hook up to HDMI.  What's the prognosis on running a Display Port splitter for the Rift S hookup?  Anyone doing this and what sort of performance hit is that card taking when you do it?  Would love to know... otherwise I'll be manually removing one monitor every time I want to use VR.  TIA!  


  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 7,769 Valuable Player
    Why wouldn't you want to hook up 4k monitors to a Hdmi port? It was hard trying to get a cable to do 4k @ 60Hz on a monitor using a DP, but I did manage to find a cable that could do it after trial and error. The problem is it still wouldn't do 2k at 120Hz though, so I just switched the 4k monitor to Hdmi and now it does 120Hz @2k and 4k @ 60Hz.

    When I say monitor I mean a Samsung Qled television, but it is also classed as a monitor.
  • bretweirbretweir Posts: 3
    I was under the impression that hdmi wouldn't pass reliable 4k resolutions but now that I think about it, it absolutely does lol 😂 

    Problem solved, thanks for poking my brain 
  • CamoHiddenDJCamoHiddenDJ Posts: 1
    edited July 2019
    RedRizla - Something is wrong with your setup then.  the older DP 1.2 has 20% more bandwidth than HDMI 2.0 (min ver for [email protected]).  Newer DP 1.3 and 1.4 have far more than that.  Some active (generate their own TDMS) adapters won't do anything higher than 60hz.  Passive adapters using DPAM on 1.2 are limited to HDMI 1.4a spec.
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