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My ipd is 60ish'mm. Can i still get the Rift S?

SillyFemboySillyFemboy Posts: 3
edited July 2019 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
(Im new to this so, sorry)  My ipd is around 59.5-60.5mm. And im worried if i can get the Rift S, Without getting crosseyed or sick. Will i? Since im choosing vr headset soon, But i want to get Oculus, Because i can run it on my crappy pc. Thanks for any support in advance. (Edit: Please note, The info i gathered within a few minutes (i should of looked more) is saying that the smallest ipd of the rift s is around 61mm. and i have no idea if it is true...Thanks...)


  • daboss3105daboss3105 Posts: 7
    what do you mean by ipd
  • ShocksVRShocksVR Posts: 560
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  • sraurasraura Posts: 590
    edited July 2019
    Would not buy without testing it 1st.
  • RosgilliesRosgillies Posts: 170
    My IPD (interpupillary distance) is 60mm. Set at that in Rift S is Sharp and clear, no motion issues.
  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 6,205 Volunteer Moderator

    The software adjustment range is 58mm to 72mm so that's the distance that the software separates the left and right images to prevent your eyes converging unnaturally... meaning you won't be crossing your eyes, so to speak.

    But eye strain can still be caused by the images being out of focus, and that will depend on whether you're looking at the area within the lens' sweet spots... and the sweet spots are in a fixed position and perfect for an IPD of 63.5mm (I think).

    I was concerned that my IPD, being 67mm would be a problem (3.5mm above the fixed lens positions) but it's proved to be fine because the sweet spots are quite large. I do notice that the image starts to defocus as each eye looks away form my nose, but much less so as I look towards my nose with either eye.

    If yours is 60mm, that puts you 3.5mm lower than optimal so may have a similar experience, except opposite. So you'll probably have a nicely in-focus view looking straight ahead or away from your nose but notice increased blurriness as you look towards your nose. The problem is, that if you're looking at something close to your face, that's when you may have more of an issue than me.

    I think how good or bad this is depends on individual people... how much they keep their heads still and move their eyes as opposed to moving their heads... whether they wear glasses so are already used to limited sweet spots etc. (I'm a glasses wearer so probably used to moving my head more to keep everything pin sharp). It will also depend on the game or experience... sculpting in Medium will probably have you looking at things closer to you than playing a shooter type game so could affect small IPDs more.

    Bottom line... take @sraura 's advice if possible and try one before you buy. Hopefully there's a location near you where you can properly check one out. If you do, try and just look around naturally but pay a little more attention to things that are close to you, hold things up to your face for example.

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  • MPiresMPires Posts: 158
    No problems with a IPD=58.

  • laudbrianlaudbrian Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    Yeah, your IPD falls within the range. I've been using these magnetic lens prescription adapters as they have totally changed my VR experience comfort wise. I have big frames and the adapters stay in place with some strong magnets with no worry about fog and scratches. Easy to remove if you're sharing your Quest with other users as well since the wife and kid have perfect eyesight. They are less than half the price of competitors, simple instructions in the listing, and they are 3D printed just like WidmoVR, VR Optician, and the rest of what's available out there.
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