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Controller tracking freezing on my Oculus Quest.

looneyhoustonlooneyhouston Posts: 2
I just purchased my Oculus Quest yesterday and was SOOO excited to play it when I got home. When I invited friends to come check it out I was embarrased and pissed that one of the controllers would lose tracking and freeze in mid-air. It happens to either the left or right controller but never both at the same time. I tried factory resetting it, changing batteries, changing lighting, cleaning sensors, you name it  but nothing helped besides taking the battery out of the frozen one and reinserting it but it would instantly lock up again after about 30 seconds. Does anyone have a solution? I put in a support ticket but I am now being told to wait 3-5 days for a response after a few emails back and forth with a specialist. I'm on the latest firmware.


  • johnney.pramatiajohnney.pramatia Posts: 1
    I’m having the same issue. Had my quest for about three weeks, and the same shit is happening with my controller.
  • Redforrest1Redforrest1 Posts: 1
    Same here, 3 weeks and controllers freeze in place or spin in place.
  • TeigueTeigue Posts: 8
    Brain Burst
    I have 2 quests, but tracking is quite solid until you  move your hands beyond the camera areas,

    I think you already did it, but didn't mention so I will suggest try to update oculus software as older versions had worse tracking. If you already did, well I hope it's not malfunctioning unit.

    Btw outdoor in a sunny day tracking just doesn't work, you have to be indoor & have not too dark space.
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