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Lens protectors, headphones, cases?

Ryan27657Ryan27657 Posts: 2
I recently got an oculus quest, and as most people are with new tech, I’m a bit nervous about keeping it in good condition. What lens protection, headphone, and carry case products would you recommend? Mostly I’m nervous about the lenses but just in case I’m asking about headphones and cases before investing. Also, any other accessories that I should consider essential? Thanks!


  • ezop73ezop73 Posts: 308
    edited August 2019
    If you wear spectacles/Glasses then these are a must otherwise you'll have scratches galore and need to buy some pollywatch polish to try and remove them (yep, i found out the hard way)

    Lens protector, I leave my quest lying around all the time so i bought a cheap 3d printed insert off amazon for like £11 so the sun can't damage the screen and they work. ..

    I've not got round to buying any headphones just yet so i'll be keen to see what other people say.

    Carry case .. i went whole hog and bought a decent camera flight case for £50 off amazon, I've paid £500 for the quest, I wasn't going to buy a £35 carry case that cheap and flimsy (if you dropped it or it fell off a stool it would smash the quest inside but the case would be still ok)

    I've just ordered last month "Oculus Quest Foam & Interface Basic Set" because the original foam gets so sweaty. bit of a waiting list now though, mine are due to ship soon.. 

    I'd also recommend getting some decent rechargeable batteries for the controllers.

  • SpuzzumSpuzzum Posts: 843
    If you wear glasses, then get the prescription inserts. The 3D printed spacers ezop73 linked are good, but as a glasses wearer myself, I'd rather not have to wear the glasses at all, as well as being able to wear the Quest without the glasses spacer, thus giving the best FoV possible. I need to get a new prescription before ordering the inserts still, so until then, I'm still using my glasses. But using my glasses, I get a ton of reflections happening, to the point I see a row of Oculus logos along the bottom of my lenses at boot up. This also results in streaks in some scenes...not necessarily godrays, but definitely distracting all the same. I can't wait to get the inserts.

    As for the lens protector...I'm still using the cardboard protector the Quest was packaged with. It's free.

    As for the headphones...I did the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap mod, specifically for the earphones. Besides that, it makes the Quest so much more comfortable, especially if getting the VR Cover replacement foam for the DAS. I got the 20mm foam...the headstrap is literally the most comfortable thing I've ever put on my head. The extra thickness of the foam makes the headstrap grip the back of my head, lifting the weight off my cheeks. I'm still waiting for the facial insert and foam though. The shipping tracker says it's in Germany, so I have about a week or so until it hits Vancouver.
  • VRBabe14VRBabe14 Posts: 188
    For lens protectors: I cut out some foam and put a glasses case cloth on the lens before inserting the foam to stop any scratches. I hardly wear glasses (even though I'm supposed to while on the pc lol) but I have heard good reviews from and widmovr like what @Spuzzum said above. 

    Headphones: I use the built-in speakers on the quest but since the latest update we can now use bluetooth so I might try my sony headphones. 
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  • ezop73ezop73 Posts: 308
    I've just been looking at vroptions and there a little bit cheaper the widmovr.. i need to update my perscription before i even think about forking out £60

    As for headphones I've literally just bought these yesterday from amazon for less than £20 and there actually really good, bass is deep and the treble is nice and crisp, i can hear sounds in the main menu that I've not heard with just using the quests built-in speakers.

    Spectrashell OQ9 Earbud Headphones Custom Made for Oculus Quest VR Headset
  • Emilian1978Emilian1978 Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    I'm using my Quest as it was designed. It leaves some red marks on my forehead and chicks, but it's fine. I'm not playing for 12 hours a day ... My hour of Oculus gaming is just fine like this.

    If you need to play for many hours, I'm sure the other posts are helping.
  • laudbrianlaudbrian Posts: 13
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    To help out my four eyed friends @[email protected], I've been using these magnetic lens prescription adapters and they have totally changed my experience comfort wise, I have big frames. These adapters stay in place with some strong magnets so no worry about fog or scratches. Really easy to remove if you're sharing your Quest with other users as I do this with the kid and wife as they have perfect eyesight. They are less than half the price of competitors like WidmoVR/VR Optician. You will need the magnetic adapters and $9.95 prescription lens from Zenni with simple instructions in the listing. They are 3D printed just like the rest of what's available out there.
    Hi guys!
    Here is oculus quest lens cover on sale Amazon.
    I am using one for myself and it really does the protection under the sun.
    I've taken it out a couple of times already and feel much safer with lens getting into the direct sunlight.
    here is link
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