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Getting weird error saying i need to update my usb driver

I keep getting this weird error saying that I need to update my usb drivers, that it is recommended. I have all the latest drivers including chipset drivers. I have been losing tracking as well ever since this update happened.


  • Soulless512Soulless512 Posts: 113
    I just noticed i have the phantom controllers too
  • dburnedburne Posts: 4,052 Valuable Player
    The USB driver update warning was a bug for the most part, which seems to have been fixed in the 1.40 Public Test Channel of the software. You can opt in to the PTC in the Beta tab of the Oculus desktop app.
    Be aware though it is a test version of software, that will get tweaked more before it becomes the release version. 
    For instance there is currently a bug in it that gives a message of headset is not currently being tracked, even though it is.


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  • Soulless512Soulless512 Posts: 113
    yeah i just did that update and noticed that
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