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Answered: How to keep save files when doing a Factory reset?

Tummie555Tummie555 Posts: 41
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edited August 2019 in Oculus Quest
Does anybody know how to keep your save files when doing a factory reset?

(I don't care about highscores, I just don't want to lose all the guns/money in Gunclub or my personal playlists in BoxVR.)


  • Emilian1978Emilian1978 Posts: 25
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    I suggest you write an e-mail to the developers of the apps. I don't think that copying the folder content would be enought to keep the saves ... but who knows ?

  • Tummie555Tummie555 Posts: 41
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    I just received response from oculus support with exact same conclusion. It differs per dev how the store save-files. So you'll need to ask the developers per game if maybe there's a way.
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