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Rift S + Dirt Rally 2.0 Steam version

Jackrabbit710Jackrabbit710 Posts: 25
Brain Burst

Purchased a rift and a legit copy of Dirt 2 which promised VR for oculus headset with my hard earned and I can’t play.. Runs dreadful on steam VR (even with launch options etc)

Hope it wasn’t a business decision by Oculus/Codemasters. We don’t need stuff like this happening in an already segregated VR market.

ill hang on a week to see if an update happens, then likely refund (don’t want to rebuy on different stores as it’s the same game and should work on the headset regardless)


  • OmegaM4NOmegaM4N Posts: 828
    Oculus store version was partially funded by Oculus so that is why that version runs best with oculus hardware, Steam version uses steamVr and as everyone of us here know with out Oculus hardware steamVr is a hog resouces wise when it comes to working with the Oculus SDK, so at this point if you want the best version then it has to be the Oculus store version simply because it was made to run best on Oculus hardware, but i have no doubt the steamVR version will get better with time, the last dirt game was just the same, took time and patching to make run great, but i doubt that will happen in a week. lol
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