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Best Buy won't accept return due to serial number clashing

jngshinjngshin Posts: 1

At a loss for words and ideas.

Tried to return my Oculus Quest that I purchased online at store at Topanga Canyon, CA.

 Lady at desk won't accept return because serial number on device doesn't match on box.

 Online research tells me it's supposed to be this way, that a bundle is supposed to have different serial # on the individual devices. Either way, obviously I know that I didn't try to scam them but I how am I even supposed to argue this?

 Best Buy is literally scamming me out of $400+ dollars, when the only reason I purchased it is because of the option to return. I am within the 14 day window (although that is running out fast).

 Requesting help with this issue, thank you.

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  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,966 Volunteer Moderator
    edited August 2019

    I think you need to have another word with the lady in best buy!

    The serial number on the box is the number for the package which includes the headset and controllers. The serial number on the headset is that of the headset and there are also separate SN's on the controllers.

    Edit: it seems a bit strange that she knew where to look for the serial on the headset (it's not easy to see) but didn't know about the difference in package and headset numbering. Sounds like she may have just found a way to avoid returns. Although perhaps that's just my cynical nature!

    Edit 2: Sorry that link is for the Oculus Go, I'll try and find a link for the Quest, but the same principal for numbering applies. My headset number and package (box) number are also different.

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