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General screen blurriness, 3D effect (red and green image copies)

I don’t know what VR is actually suppose to look like, And there is a real lack of explanation of it. I’m a pretty skeptical/ insecure guy and things like minor discomfort bothers me a makes me wonder if what i’m experiencing is “normal”. So when i got my oculus rift s and adjusted the IPD, blah blah blah, the screen of the headset looked like the attatched image. Again I have no idea if this something i need to get used, I will say that it isn’t too bothering it’s just a bit of minor discomfort. There is also the issue of text I do where glasses. However, my vision is close to perfect. So when i had to sqint my eyes to see the text, I was a bit worried. So if anyone has answers i’d appreciate it, and since there is a lack of information of whether or not what you’re experiencing is normal, multiple responses in encouraged.



  • laudbrianlaudbrian Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    I don't see an image attached but text is sharp for me as I've been using these magnetic lens prescription adapters as they have totally changed my VR experience comfort wise. I have big frames and the adapters stay in place with some strong magnets with no worry about fog and scratches. Easy to remove if you're sharing your Quest with other users as well since the wife and kid have perfect eyesight. You will need the $9.95 lens from Zenni and the magnetic adapters. They are less than half the price of competitors, simple instructions in the listing, and are 3D printed just like WidmoVR, VR Optician, and the rest of what's available out there.
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