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Cannot focus

Davegee1Davegee1 Posts: 1
Hi, I’m having problems focusing properly, I use glasses for reading and glasses for long distance, tried using both but still not clear, tried without as well, I set up correctly each time but still blurry, any help would be appropriated.


  • SteveG7RTASteveG7RTA Posts: 155
    Hi, the long distance glasses are the ones to wear. Are you using the spacer?
    I have the spacer in & I don’t usually have any problems. It is occasionally out of focus & I simply move the headset slightly & it improves.
    I took my Quest to show my parents & my father said it was blurred, but his glasses had slipped down slightly. Pushing them back up sorted it.
  • GreyGhost99GreyGhost99 Posts: 10
    if you have progressive lenses, it makes it blurry - I have a pair of glasses just for driving at night so just the far distance prescription and they work a LOT better than my progressives. I want to buy the lenses made for the quest in my prescription.
  • laudbrianlaudbrian Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    I've been using these magnetic lens prescription adapters as they have totally changed my VR experience comfort wise, no more scratches or fog. Easy to remove if you're sharing with other users as the wife and kid have perfect eyesight. They are half the price of competitors WidomoVR, VR Optician and 3D printed just like the rest of them. All you need are these magnetic adapters and $9.95 prescription lens from Zenni 
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