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Give me a long story, not just an experience!

So.. now the new toy feel has warn off and i have played the mini games on offer in the store, i have to admit... im bored. I need games that  keep me interested for days.. not hours. I honestly think porting and vr modding old pc titles would be a good quick gap filler till people have made good games. Why isnt halflife vr not a complete game, for sale on quest store?? Payday is an old game, already made into a vr title on steam.. why not port that? Even the vr quake u can sideload has more substance than 80- 90% of oculus quest titles. Think how many 90s -00s games could be vr modded and ported for some extra titles. Quick releases, with tons of hour killing content already made.
Any1 have any suggestions for ported titles?
Or maybe a list of long titles released by xmas?
Think thats when ill put my quest down for good if it stays mainly "experience" gaming.


  • dasmanuldasmanul Posts: 4
    Have you tried Moss and Shadow Point? Both are not extremely long but long enough that they definitely leave experience territory IMHO. And they're bot great games I immensely enjoyed.
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