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Oculus Quest Casting Failure

ButterMilkBoyzButterMilkBoyz Posts: 1

Does anyone else have this issue, or do they know a solution?

When trying to cast on my network at home I receive an error message saying "Headset not Found: Please connect your headset to the same WiFi network as your phone and try again." They ARE connected to the same network. When they are not connected to same network I get a different error message. The device casts properly on the network at my parents house, the only place it doesn't work is at my house on my Wifi. I unfortunately use spectrum internet.

Since it works on another wifi network, the support team at Oculus concluded it is not the headsets fault, but my networks. So I called Spectrum, and as anyone who utilizes this company can tell you, they were all but useless. 

Any help here would be great, as using this device is really lonely without the ability to cast to my phone or TV.




  • SpoonMeSpoonMe Posts: 3
    Here are my suggestions:
    1. Completely power off the headset and let it sit for a few minutes and then try it again.
    2. Make sure your phone doesn't have data on while you're trying to cast (I'm assuming you're trying to cast to a phone...)
    3. Restart your phone
    4. Restart the router

    Hopefully this helps? I've never had this issue personally and I have WOW! internet which is literal trash haha
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