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For Quest: Oculus software only gives options to add Rift and Rift S devices headsets

sstramssstrams Posts: 1
Ok, I have the Quest up and running through the Oculus app on my iPad.. that all works just fine.. I entered developer mode and am trying to test a simple unity game through the Quest.. I've downloaded all the proper sdk's and  abd's and whatnot and built the unity test file that shows in my Oculus library on my laptop.. but it will not play the test unity file because it says "no devices found. There are no compatible devices associated with your account. Please add a headset to get started."
So, I try to add the headset on the Oculus software on my laptop.  I only get options to add Rift and Rift S - no Quest. Keep in mind the headset is already paired on iPad and working properly. Just for some reason I cannot add the headset to my Oculus software on laptop, which I need to do to play my unity file. I've re-installed the Oculus software, logged out and logged back it etc and ran whatever updates were available, but still only get Rift and Rift S options to add devices.. No Quest option.. Any ideas? I've been searching for two days for an answer now, and no dice.. Thank you..


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,580 Volunteer Moderator
    The desktop software only has Rift and Rift-S support, you can't add a Quest to it.

    Have a look at the list of your devices here:
    Is there a Quest listed there?

    I didn't think that was needed though. Usually when it says a device can't be found when uploading a build, you need to put the headset on and approve the PC (this has to be done on every different computer you want to upload from).

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