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Artifacts in Custom Stamp generated from OBJ

SteveTalkowskiSteveTalkowski Posts: 1
Back into Medium after a 5 month hiatus. Had some issues getting the new version updated, but seems like Uninstalling and Reinstalling has done the trick.

Now, importing OBJ files exporting from Maya and to use as custom stamps. 1st issue that i just recently solved - the shading preview in the menu was flat. This had dogged me since the last time trying it out. Knew it had something to do with vertex normals. Back in Maya, i choose Mesh Display -> Smooth Edge, and now the exported files come into Medium properly shaded. Awesome!

Now, the 2nd issue. I'm seeing some extremely weird artifacts on the stamps. See the attached dropbox link for the video:

Oddly, this seems to happen on just one side. The original models are very simply, with subdivision levels added to test out 4 different levels. If you'd like to try and import them yourself, here is the folder:

And the last issue - from some really odd reason, i simply can NOT see the Medium folder/directly from inside the app. It is properly located in the Documents folder, but refused to show up. I have to copy files over to another, duplicate directory just to import.  What could have possibly gone wrong here?




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