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Running a VR PE class at my High School. Need advice on handling!

tyerontyeron Posts: 3
I'm a comp sci teacher at an Austin high school. I'm working with the University of Texas doing research on the effect of VR for fitness as well as the soft skill such as collaboration and critical thinking that are built during physical education classes.

In the area that I'll be using my 8 riftNtouch (and some other hmds) I'll need to setup and break down the headsets, cameras and controllers every day for the class. I"m working on proper handling and care of everything so the students can take care of some of the work.  I'm already getting VR covers for a more hygienic and make all of the components easy to clean.

Currently my plan includes how to wind the HMD cord properly and place it in the box with the connections secured away from the lenses. Same treatment for the cables on on the cameras . We're using the original riftNtouch box to store things.  Then how to wipe everything down after each use. I mean, it is a PE class so we are expecting some sweat.

We're using the cafeteria so we have a good bit of space but that also means I can't put any mounts up for cameras. 

So, if anyone has any good ideas how I can avoid issues and keep my riftNtouch in good shape, I'm all ears. 


  • MorgrumMorgrum Posts: 1,822 Valuable Player
    edited August 2018

    Folks have been using mic stands as portable standa for their sensors.

    I stand corrected they were using selfie sticks for cheap and reliable stands.

  • MorgrumMorgrum Posts: 1,822 Valuable Player
    If you do not mind spending the cash this is the carrying case I bought.
    I can attest to its durability because it has gone through military airlift multiple times.

    CASEMATIX IP6X Military Grade VR Headset Goggles Bag Case Cover for Oculus Rift , Oc...
  • GeekyGamiGeekyGami Posts: 116
    Have more than one person keeping a lookout outside of VR

    Don't want to end up with students being abused without being able to see who did it.
    Have cameras focused on the people in VR, as an additional security measure.

    Don't want this to turn into a fiasco when adoption is only just starting
  • CrashFuCrashFu Posts: 1,756 Valuable Player
    Keep plenty of microfiber cloths on hand, in case you need to de-fog the lenses in a hurry or someone's greasy hair accidentally touches them or something, lol.

    Also maybe keep a stash of Ginger Ale on hand, in case someone turns out to be extra-susceptible to VR sickness?

    Depending on your budget, you could also invest in a VirZoom exercise bike.
    It's hard being the voice of reason when you're surrounded by unreasonable people.
  • tyerontyeron Posts: 3
    So we started the class last week and this week the kids are actually in the headsets and getting used to things. At first they were really scared of using the equipment since, well, I made sure they knew the cost of the equipment they were using. However that went away pretty quickly once they got into first contact and checking out some of the apps we loaded into Home.

    I'll post some pics later.

    I've implemented a custodial checklist that shows how they should coil the cords. We have cloths available for cleaning the lenses that we keep with the boxes. 

    I have 4 students that were setting up 2 vives for the class as well. IT takes for flippin ever. I know it will go more quickly later but truthfully unless you have a permanent location setting up and tearing those down every day is going to be ridiculous. The Rifts are already going up in about 5 minutes.

    Thanks much All!

    AND! if anyone knows how I might get in touch with the people at Oculus education that are working with the high schools in Seattle I'd really like to share info with them. THis is my second year running VR High School and I'd like to share info rather than simply compete and not talk.
  • tyerontyeron Posts: 3
    If you're interested.... Here's some pics of part of the class getting used to VR.
    Next week will be Sprint Vector and Sparc.

  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    edited August 2018
    You soon find many get Blackscreens pretty much after a few months due to the cable kinking at the clip. I do advise you redirect them above the head and move the clip to the other side (right) then direct the cable down towards the back.

    I use the VRCover which is easy to wash. You can get many covers in each pack but still need the included insert mould. Worth speaking to the manufacturer for a deal. Many uses will spread spots from bacteria.

    Take care if any need to use with eye glasses as metal frames can scratch the lens. If they do scratch then a tiny bit of glass or metal polish can buff it out. I use a tiny bit of glass polish for monthly cleaning along with regular mibcrofibre cloth wiping.

    TIP: Tell them never place the headset flat on a table where the headphones can act as wheels and come loose. This forum has way too many headphone reports of this. Only place the headset upside down on tables. This pic is only to show you the cable routing therefore.

  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 2,501 Valuable Player
    tyeron said:
    If you're interested.... Here's some pics of part of the class getting used to VR.
    Next week will be Sprint Vector and Sparc.

    DO NOT use Vives for ANYTHING that will involve sweating. They are not properly designed and you WILL end up with a dead HMD. I can guarantee that. Also look up on YouTube on what happens to a vive when it gets sent back to HTC with sweat damage.....they will do nothing. 
  • mordonez207mordonez207 Posts: 1
    I know this thread was from last year, but I wanted to add that we (Maine Township High School District 207) are looking at how to partner with Oculus and other VR/AR software and hardware companies. We would be interested in partnering with other innovative schools who want to expand VR/AR use in their curriculum, too. We know there is so much potential for this technology in the education space, and we want students to benefit.

    We have started in CTE, but want to expand into Science, Social Science, and other departments, as well. Please let me know if anyone wants to connect and share ideas.
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