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mastixasmastixas Posts: 5
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This is getting annoying. It happens on Quest too when holding the controllers steady. Is that also a problem for you?


  • RiCHeeGeeRiCHeeGee Posts: 15
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    edited August 2019
    Thanks for posting this, I've had nothing but problems with Rift S - from controllers freezing in mid-air to constant tracking glitches (most noticable in Beat Saber where the saber will disappear mid swing but also reflected in Pavlov with strange recoil behaviour sometimes when I move whilst firing and the gun locks in position)

    At least with this kind of video the devs have something to work with.
  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 6,305 Volunteer Moderator

    mmm I just posted a video in another thread about tracking occlusion so not quite the same as this.

    I used to get the problem you have when moving the controllers very slowly, maybe it's an energy saving thing where they think the controllers are not in use (just guessing).

    This was fixed a little while back and doesn't seem to happen now, but when you hold the controllers very steady, with almost no movement, it does still happen... it's not something I do in games, not even with scoped weapons so hadn't noticed it's still there.

    It seems to me Oculus have tweaked the settings but not enough to eliminate the problem when almost no movement is happening. Another tweak is needed.

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  • pappythefoopappythefoo Posts: 36
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    this is serious issue for gunstock user....
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  • mastixasmastixas Posts: 5
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    got an answer from Oculus, they are investigating the issue. Let them know that you are affected by using the feedback link at the bottom left of your Oculus app
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