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I am from a phone vr headset and thinking about the quest. Main concerns where light coming through.

ChriskerbalChriskerbal Posts: 2
main concerns are light coming through the nose and if the lenses when you adjust the wont make it look like double the image and once you get the sweetspot is it totally clear. my final question is if u shake ur head with headset move around or is it secure.


  • ChriskerbalChriskerbal Posts: 2
    also should i make the switch

  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,158
    Seriously, the Quest is in a completely different world to a phone headset. Yeah, there's a bit of a nose gap, but you don't notice it once you're playing a game, and it's handy when you need to see something outside the headset for some reason. Otherwise it has some of the best screens and lenses on the market, and it's pretty secure on your head.
  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 832
    If you are worried about light leakage around the nose area you could try a replacement facial interface by a company called AMVR.
    I have been using it and find it more comfortable than the stock one, it also has this silicone insert that you can fit to the nose area and reduces light leakage around the nose. You can see a review of it here:
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