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Is it possible to connect two Oculus Rift S in one PC?

I have a GTX 1660 graphic card with 3 displayports in a PC. One Oculus Rift S has been connected to first displayport and work fine, but I failed to add second Oculus Rift S connected to second displayport. Oculus application showed second Rift S not connected. Then I tried to add one more GTX 1660 to second Rift S that is still not connected. Is it possible to connect two Oculus Rift S in one PC?


  • dburnedburne Posts: 4,288 Valuable Player
     I do not believe so.

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  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 7,048 Valuable Player
    In theory it should work, but only one can be active at the same time. You set the active HMD in the Oculus desktop app. Some dude had both CV1 and Rift-S connected this way. 
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 7,056 Volunteer Moderator
    I know (by doing it) that connecting a Rift CV1 and Rift-S at the same time works, but as RuneSR2 said only one can be active at once, you toggle which one is on using the desktop client. I don't know if two of the same headset can be toggled like that.

    What it definitely can't do is run two headsets at once. The Oculus SDK doesn't allow more than one headset.

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