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Last wish for a dying patient

mariarojas0221mariarojas0221 Posts: 1

My name is Maria  i am a social worker with Auburn Crest Home Health and Hospice. I have a patient who is dying of Parkinson. She was abused all her life, She told me that she never knew peace until she went to Yellowstone. Unfortunately, due to the time of the year Yellowstone is mostly closed until January. I was hoping that maybe she could see it one more time through the Oculus since its the most advance form of VR available. Please let me know if there is anywhere where where they rent Oculus equipment 

Thank you!


  • cmaffia2019cmaffia2019 Posts: 15
    Brain Burst
    Google is a great tool: search for visionaryrentals.  Pretty sure you'll find others as well.
  • MradrMradr Posts: 3,952 Valuable Player
    edited November 2019
    Short answer, yes there is a way, but long answer - no. It really comes down to getting everything in place like if you want to see anything live. I don't know of any apps that has any live video feed or static video feed of the place. I am sure there are other media out there that might have pictures and let you explorer it like Google Earth - but it will be very limited as well. VR is expanding VERY quickly and I am sure this will be a thing in the next 10 years... but I understand the time table as well... Maybe you could build a collection of images for her to look at as well to explore the area in.

    As for renting - might ask Oculus direct by sending in a ticket Other options of course is to maybe buy the headset as it wouldn't cost too much in the long run for the value of happiness one would get back. Something like the Quest would be more than powerful enough for something like that. 
  • Hiro_Protag0nistHiro_Protag0nist Posts: 4,980 Valuable Player
    As Mradr says, buy a Quest.  It will give the residents years of great moments, hopefully.
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