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Morrowrift - Morrowind VR (CV1/1.3 alpha! v. 3.0.2)

superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
edited June 2016 in Showcase
6/6/16 - I finally rewrote the OP... editing this literally gave me a migraine but it's finally cleaned up! If you want to look at the old one for some reason, I archived it here
*ahem* anyway.

- Tested with Disk (GOTY) and Steam copies-- should theoretically work with other versions like the GOG version but this is untested (if someone can confirm that it works I'll remove this disclaimer)

This is a program that hooks into Morrowind + MGE 3.8.0 and, with certain settings disabled, adds fully playable (except character creation) support for the Oculus Rift.
This is different from configurations for vireio and vorpx because it actually decouples the view from the menu and draws the menu as a 3D projection, meaning you can look around separately from where you're aiming and lean forward to zoom in on game text, and it automatically levels your view pitch so you can play it standing up without getting dizzy.
It's written from scratch in C, so there are no dependencies other than Morrowind + MGE 3.8.0 and the Oculus Runtimes.
Here's a badly recorded gameplay video showing off the features (and bugs) in the already-out-of-date version 3.0 (one of the bugs in the video is already fixed!)

(NOTE: if somebody with a decent GPU and recording program wants to take a video of their game window running the latest version of Morrowrift, I'll put it here-- right now all my videos are laggy and ugly because my GPU is old and I don't know how to use OBS)

WHY 3.x?
You might be wondering how this is version 3 when it's so basic... short answer: this one is (theoretically) way more stable and optimized than before due to it using an entirely different structure and coding scheme. Long answer: the first one was DK1 only and was a direct fork of MGE, meaning you had to actually replace MGE with my DLL. Version 2 added DK2 support, and was an extra layer on top of MGE that worked the same way-- that is, by pretending to be DirectX. This version is a standalone program that injects a DLL directly into Morrowind much like VorpX or Vireio, except this program is specifically made for Morrowind/MGE and doesn't have any other dependencies.

There are still a multitude of bugs present in this version, some of which were even fixed in an older version, but as I've abstracted the code more and more in an attempt to make my edits more portable to other games, certain things got harder to fix. Here's a list of all known bugs that I can think of right now:
  • Overlay ZOrder Bug - Any game overlays (or at least steam) come up behind the main menu or HUD. If you're playing with a steam controller and you can't move the mouse on the main menu, try pressing Shift+Tab to see if you accidentally invisibly opened the steam overlay. Luckily it's completely usable in-game since the menu is transparent there.
  • Native Aspect Loss - The game is currently forced into a Rift-shaped aspect ratio, which applies to in-game menus too. I'd like it to obey the game's starting aspect ratio when it comes to drawing in-game menus eventually but that might not be possible if I want the mirror window to show both viewports correctly.
  • Race Selection Bug - The race selection menu is effectively unusable-- I recommend creating your character outside of VR mode and then running Morrowrift afterward and loading a save.
  • NPC Shadow Bug - You have to set Real-Time Shadows to None in-game or else NPC's will flicker like a banned pokemon episode if you're not staring straight at them. I think they use their own clipping planes and I'll have to locate those to transform them.
  • Weapon Clipping - Weapon/hand models have messed up clipping. Probably a similar cause as above.
  • Water Clipping - Water sometimes disappears when you're not aiming at it, and also looks pretty terrible with reflections and shaders turned off which is still required for the hack to work. Also, if you have Pixel Shaders turned on, water reflections don't look right and sometimes draws twice with incorrect headtracking.
  • Sky Movement - Positional headtracking affects clouds and stuff in the sky, which isn't really that big of a deal but looks stupid and can be a bit disorienting if you try to breakdance ingame (or anything else requiring a lot of positional movement). Also, the sun is rotated based on player aim instead of camera position.
  • Loading Freeze - Since the game renders the progress bar during frozen loading screens, the background freezes but still moves with your head which feels really weird. I honestly have no idea how to fix this.
  • Tracking Asymptotes - If you're looking straight up or down, the headtracking gets pretty weird and overdoes roll. This is because of some really old code I wrote back when I didn't understand quaternions, I'll fix it eventually.
  • Elusive Crosshair - The in-game crosshair is hard to see on most backgrounds, and since headtracking is decoupled from the menu it's easy to lose it. In the future I'll probably add a custom crosshair that renders on top of it and is easier to see.
  • Annoying Menu Placement - Not exactly a bug but a side effect of view auto-levelling still transforming the menu so the crosshair lines up correctly: if you're trying to loot something on the ground the menu will come up down there, which is a pain to read or use and also suffers from the trackign asymptote bug. In the future I'll probably fix this by leaving the game menu level and only transforming the aforementioned extra crosshair and weapon model based on in-game aim. I'm also planning on implementing a system eventually where recentering the view actually moves the crosshair to where you're looking, instead of the other way around, which will make it easier to find it.
Even aside from all that, I'm not 100% sure how well this will run on varying systems, so until a few people test it and confirm that it works, it'll be an alpha. Once enough people are able to run it (which may entail some bugfixing) and I improve the launcher a bit, I'll call it a Beta again.

You can download 3.0.2 Here-- Google was yelling at me for uploading an EXE or something so I had to encrypt it so it wouldn't try to scan it. The password is simply "uh" because that was my reaction to Google taking my first upload down. (Just ask this scientician)

If you have a DK2 and you'd rather run the old unstable 0.8 version for some reason, you can still get it Here. There are instructions for using it somewhere in this old archived post.

I recommend starting with vanilla morrowind (goty is fine) since I don't know how different mods (especially MGE and MWSE mods) will affect this. Once you've got it working you can start adding things in and making sure they don't break it.
The first thing you'll need to do is install and set up MGE 3.8.0.
Eventually I want to try to add support for MGE XE and some of the more popular shader mods, but that's a long way off.
Make sure your game has this message in the top left corner before proceeding.
If you're running the Steam copy of the game you'll need to set Morrowind.exe, Morrowind Launcher.exe, and MGEgui.exe to all run as Administrator before this will work.
Next, since this version is still a bit finicky, you have to make sure you run it with the right settings or it will probably just sit there and not draw anything, or render everything totally wrong. Unless you want your game to look that way (or like nothing), you'll need to disable the following MGE features in MGEgui:
  • Distant Land
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Probably any mods adding shaders
I'm working on getting these features supported but it's very very difficult to do unless I actually modify MGE, and I'm trying to avoid doing that in this version in anticipation of someday retrofitting other games (yes, including skyrim) that don't have open source graphics extenders that I can just rewrite. That's the only reason the ancient DK1 beta version seen on my youtube channel had Distant Land-- I actually modified MGE to add support for it.
If the font size is too small for you, you can choose a lower resolution like 1024x768 and the in-game text will be bigger, but you may get extra aliasing if you do that. Some resolutions render incorrectly right now though like 1600x960.

Just make sure Morrowrift.exe and Morrowrift.dll are in the folder with Morrowind, and run Morrowrift.exe (not Morrowind or Morrowind Launcher). If you're running a Steam copy of the game, you need to make sure Morrowrift.exe is set to Run as Administrator.
If you need the Steam Overlay for any reason (for instance if you use a Steam Controller) You should be able to add Morrowrift.exe to steam as a non-steam game too and still have steam inject its overlay, and if you want to do it with an actual Steam copy of the game you may have to Steam itself as Administrator before it will let you do this (and you still have to add Morrowrift as a non-steam game and run it that way). This may not work for everyone but I was able to run both steam and non-steam copies of Morrowind with Rift support and Overlay support simultaneously.
One caveat with the Steam Overlay though-- for some reason it draws underneath the Morrowind menu right now, so if you accidentally open it on the main menu or during a cinematic, you won't be able to see it. If you can't move the mouse on the main menu try hitting Shift+Tab and see if steam overlay was open invisibly behind the menu.

If you run Morrowrift.exe with -nolevel you can disable the auto pitch levelling, but I don't really recommend it since it can make you dizzy. However if you absolutely cannot stand the menu moving up and down all the time when you aim independent of your head position, this feature can be disabled.

This is currently the only command line argument but I'll probably add more options as time goes on, depending on what needs to be customized.

If you love my project and want to throw in some motivation for me to continue to add new features, new hardware support, and maybe even new games someday, you could make a Paypal Donation and give me a great excuse to work on this project instead of other stuff :P

First things first, I need to fix bugs. If I can get distant land, anti-aliasing, shaders, and MGE XE working well, I'll consider it a major, major victory. Once I have at least MGE working perfectly I may also try to tackle Oblivion and Skyrim support alongside of MGE XE, since they'll have similar shader setups. MGE XE has the benefit of being open source so I can actually look directly at how it works, which may help me structure the code so it works with newer games.
As a side goal, I'd also like to implement SteamVR support instead of just Oculus support to my codebase. Right now I'm saving up for a GTX 1070 and HTC Vive so I can do this, so that's probably what any donation money will go towards. My current GPU is an old GTX 770 which can barely even run things on the DK2, so if I'm going to get a Vive which has no Async Timewarp I'll definitely need a better GPU to go with it.
If I do get a Vive, another pie in the sky goal would be to hack the game so much that your hands and weapon are drawn based on motion controls, and one of the four weapon moves is performed depending on how you move your hands. This would be so insanely awesome I'm kind of afraid to even mention that I'm planning to try it, since it's probably nearly impossible, but hey, I can dream.


  • djaynedjayne Posts: 5
    Oh my god, you might actually be my hero for starting to work on this. Morrowind is my all time favourite game.
    Just had the biggest shit eating grin upon reading this post!
  • FritoFrito Posts: 924
    This is great llama!!!!!
  • grodenglaivegrodenglaive Posts: 395
    Brain Burst
    brilliant work, you have mad skills and determination :ugeek:
    GA-Z97X-gaming gt; i5-4670k; Nvidia780Ti; 16GB PC3-17066; win7-64 bit; DK2
  • AnanasAnanas Posts: 181
    Cool, inventory screen looks very nice!
    How's the performance? I managed to get Morrowind work with Tridef, but to get 60fps you need to change the view distance (fog) to minimum. Also any MGE shaders or distant lands doesn't work. And the health/stamina/magicka bars and minimap is out of your vision.
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    So far the fps has been near perfect, but I haven't added stereo rendering yet so I'm sure it'll get slower unfortunately. I'm doing what I can to optimize it though. The main issue I'm tackling with this is the whole menu issue where, as you said, the hud is out of your normal field of vision, plus since I'm hooking MGE itself I'll make sure distant land works. The approach taken by tridef and friends is to translate head movement into mouse movement, where mine is adding the head movement on top of what was already there. I almost would have not made this if it weren't for the fact that tridef isn't free-- I couldn't make it work with perception so I just decided to tackle a true VR fork, and I'm glad I did because now that the secrets of the frustum have been exposed, having the menu be affected by headtracking should work nicely.
  • GhostieGhostie Posts: 6
    you are my hero
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    Quick update-- spent the whole day mostly trying to lay the foundation for stereo rendering, and finally now at 1AM I've managed to get a left-eye viewport rendering the game exactly as it should inside my rift, including distortion correction and FOV. If I close my right eye, it feels like it's a real rift application, lol. Still working out some bugs, plus there is some fairly bad aliasing on the menus that I kinda want to fix with my pixel shader, but other than that it works and should be ready for the right eye to be added in by overriding each draw call. It's starting to get to the point where MGE is more of a hassle than a help and I almost wish I was doing this from scratch with vanilla morrowind now, but I'm definitely not going to quit until every feature of MGE works to some extent inside the rift. I did fix the player's picture in the inventory as well as the map.
    That's right, the game now supports pirate mode. Not recommended for people with two eyes just yet.
  • KoshinatorKoshinator Posts: 18
    Great work so far, keep it up!

    Can't wait to see where this goes
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    edited October 2013
    Stereo support works now! Also, the project has been renamed to Morrowrift, since the title "Morrowind VR" might imply it supports other HMD's and I never intended to support anything but the rift. I also added the ability to recenter the screen by pressing the Pause/Break key (my laptop doesn't have scroll lock and I'll bet a lot of other ones don't either, otherwise I would have used that). The way my headtracking works, you could technically play the game laying down with forward being the ceiling, since it doesn't convert to pitch/yaw/roll until after applying the recorded inverse quaternion. Headtracking gets slightly weird when aiming up or down ingame, but it's something you get used to-- later on I'll probably edit MGE's dinput hack to add a customizable keyhole feature.

    Oddly enough it was very easy to get the right eye working for all the vanilla features since Morrowind seems to only use two draw calls (DrawPrimitive and DrawIndexedPrimitive) for everything it draws. It'll be much harder to support everything MGE does since it uses the actual D3D9 device and not its own fake D3D8 one which I modified, but since I have its entire source there's technically nothing that's completely impossible, it's just a matter of taking the time and changing things that need to be changed.

    This time I've got a video instead of screenshots, so you can see how everything works and how smoothly it runs. I just walked around a few cities and did random stuff, but I didn't go into any buildings since that triggers the blinking frustum bug that I haven't managed to fix yet.

    Make sure you watch in 720p if you're going to try and watch it on your rift-- otherwise the text isn't readable. If you still can't read the text, it's probably because of youtube's compression -- it was readable when I was playing it.

    before you mention them I thought I'd list a few obvious bugs...
    Bugs seen in this video
    - the savegame picture is blank-- that's probably something that was broken when I saved it but I think it's fixed now.
    - loading screens are still kind of weird-- there's some trouble with the main menu background and loading screen warping oddly around in response to head movements, plus the black loading screen doesn't cover the whole field of vision and leaves trails near the bottom since it wasn't meant to move while it was loading.
    - there are holes in the player's arm and stuff-- this is something that obviously needs to be fixed by an art mod, not by my code. I'm guessing some sort of full-body rendering mod might need to be developed to fix it but for now it's not that big of a deal.
    - screen quads like the sunflare, the red "you've been hit" border, and the blackout when resting are rotated when they shouldn't be-- could be hard to fix, could be easy. I'll have to see how easy it is to distinguish between a draw call for one of these screenquads and one for menus, which do need to be rotated.
    - because the menu is rendered at a different FOV than the world in order to zoom in and make the text readable, the onscreen crosshair becomes disconnected from its proper in-world location, and it can be difficult to position the cursor on small objects like gold coins.-- this will probably have to be fixed by detecting the actual crosshair draw call itself and applying a special transform to it that syncs it with the world headtracking fov instead of the menu fov.
  • virrorvirror Posts: 402
    Hiro Protagonist
    Looks really cool!
    Any chance for a beta release any time soon? : D
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    I'll probably release a beta dll today if I can confirm that everything works when distant land and shadows are shut off (these two things seem to be causing all the crashes and glitches I've seen so far). I just demoed my rift to a friend using Morrowrift and the first thing he did was stab a guy and go to jail-- when he clicked go to jail it crashed the game, though that may have had to do with distant land since MGE seems to like turning it on at random points... I think I partially generated the distant land data though so I'm going to actually turn it off and try again. If I can play it for a while without crashing, I'll throw my d3d8.dll up for you guys to try. Again, make sure distant land and npc shadows are turned off while playing. Also make sure you don't have any weird MGE shader mods either.

    One random note: in the video my view distance was turned down and I didn't realize it-- I turned it up later with no effect on fps, so that's good news. Until distantland works you should be able to run this on maximum vanilla view distance without too much trouble (mine is even running a crazy texture mod and doing fine).

    EDIT: Nope, still crashing sometimes even with distantland turned off. Might take a while to troubleshoot this.

    EDIT 2: Turns out the crashing happens whether I use my dll or not-- looks like my MGE installation is corrupted and I'll need to reinstall morrowind, lol.

    EDIT 3: Aha! Seems the problem was that I was building the dll from r212 (3.8.2 unstable) and trying to use it with my downloaded binaries which were from 3.8.0, which is apparently a lot older. Just downloaded the correct source and now I'll see if it works right with the rest of the mod.
  • MannyLectroMannyLectro Posts: 558
    Hiro Protagonist
    You are my hero !!
    Rift 3d models available here : viewtopic.php?t=1514
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    edited November 2013
    I just got it to work with distant land turned on as long as you turn off water reflection and shadows. Judging by the ash storms I just had to endure, weather effects seem to be working too. I'm getting 20-40 fps when outside with distant land set at 10 and no other mods installed-- a little low but better than it could be, and if you really want performance you can turn distant land down or off, though I will try to optimize it if I can. Indoors, I'm getting a perfect 60.

    One annoying problem is that during the black loading screens it renders some random distant land on top of the black screen-- I can't really fix it until I can detect the black loading screen but this will probably be fixed at the same time as the shrunken screenquads problem.

    Due to the fact that to my knowledge the entire game is now playable through Morrowrift provided the settings are set up right, I went ahead and stuck the dll up in a folder on my website for you all to try. I compiled it for the current stable version of MGE (3.8.0) using revision 87 from their source code repository. Right now the three biggest things you should be aware of when playing it are:
    1) shadows MUST be turned off in morrowind's in-game options or else all npcs will render very wrong.
    2) the rendered crosshair is currently disconnected from the logical crosshair because of menu zoom and will not always point to the thing you think it's pointing to.
    3) distant land renders completely wrong when you're on the dock at the very beginning of the game, but it looks like it works everywhere else-- plus the player's head in chargen is rendered full-screen for some reason. I recommend that if you're starting a new character, do it before installing Morrowrift and then load your save-- unless it's extremely important to you to see a life-sized Jiub.

    So without further ado, here's the link:
    CONTROLS: Press the pause/break key to recenter the screen.
    First thing you should do is use your existing installation of MGE 3.8.0 (and if you haven't installed that yet, do so) to set things up to work right-- set resolution to 1280x800 fullscreen, make sure distant land is set to something reasonable and has reflections and blur turned off, disable any weird shaders that might case problems, and go in-game and turn off npc shadow rendering in options. Next, rename the d3d8.dll in your morrowind folder to d3d8.old, and drop my dll in its place. Finally, run morrowind and get your rift and headphones on, and it should be playable without taking them off from then on unless you need to find keys. Also, sometimes it will hang when exiting-- just ctrl+alt+delete and end the process, I'm not sure why it does that but MGE has always had issues with that iirc.
  • AnanasAnanas Posts: 181
    Cool! Works well, the floating HUD is clear and visible and everything is readable. Though, I have couple problems/suggestions:
    Is it possible to disable vertical mouse movement? This way the vertical camera rotation would happen only with Rift, and you wouldn't get disoriented when using mouse to turn and accidentally look too much up and down with it. You seem to have the mouse and head movement completely separate?
    And the second thing is for some reason I get 25-40 fps outdoors, which is too low for me with Rift. It doesn't matter if I have Distant Lands draw distance at 10 or 1, or even completely off. Tried settings other things such as AA or fog but it's always around 30. Setting the desired fps to 60 rises the fps to 50-60 outdoors which is ok, but then the draw distance is pretty bad. Do you have any information why this would happen?
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    That's pretty weird that you'd get fps that low even with distant land turned off-- do you have any texture replacers or anything that might mess with fps? Also what fps do you normally get outside using ordinary MGE?
    As for the mouse, I do plan to add alternate control schemes that allow the disabling of vertical movement etc using a dinput.dll hack, as well as the ability to translate head movements into mouse movements under certain circumstances. RIght now since I'm only overriding d3d8.dll I can't do that yet, but it is planned for later.
  • AnanasAnanas Posts: 181
    Nice to know the control schemes are in planning.

    Hmm this was weird. Without your d3d8.dll and without MGE I got an fps of 50-60 outdoors. With MGE and Distant Lands it was stable over 60, no matter how small or big the draw distance.
    But when I try it with your .dll the fps drops drastically. It might also be problem at my end, I've had problems installing Morrowind and I've messed with MGEXE before, but now I replaced it with MGE to get your .dll to work.
    Let's see if someone else here tries it and what's his results.
  • virrorvirror Posts: 402
    Hiro Protagonist
    Now ere did i put that Morrowind disk...
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    Just to confirm-- if I set my distant land to 2 then I get 50-60 outdoors, and if I set it to 5 I get 35-50, so I'm still really confused about why your game is lagging so badly even with distant land turned off. Possibly a graphics card difference or something? I suppose there's a chance I could have used something that works better on my gpu than most-- I guess experimentation will have to be done to figure it out, assuming you can't fix it by reinstalling.

    EDIT: Here's something i didn't think to ask-- where are you in the game when you got this bad fps? After playing for a while I noticed that I could get 40+ at Arkngthand with 20 distant land cells, but when I went to Suran I got 15fps even if I turned it down to 15 cells. There are a lot more trees in Suran, so that could be causing it.
  • AnanasAnanas Posts: 181
    It's perfectly playable when I set the desired fps to 75, it'll stay mostly at 60.
    Also is there any button for recentering the view? It tends to drift a bit.
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    Yeah, press pause. I guess I forgot to put that in the post with the download, editing now
    EDIT: also, I actually hadn't heard of MGE XE until you mentioned it a few posts back. The way I wrote my code, it's primarily self-contained with a few macro-based connections to the wrapperclasses file, so it might actually be possible to rebuild it to run XE as well sometime in the future when it's better optimized and working properly.
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    Since enthusiasm for this project seems to have vanished, I decided to instead write an all-purpose DLL wrapper from scratch that will implement all the features currently promised and more, only for every game instead of just morrowind. It'll be profile based and feature hacking tools for locating render values in each game and riftifying them without writing any code-- and for anyone who's too afraid to hack their games themselves using the wrapper, they can just download someone else's game profile. I'll probably put up a webpage where everyone can share their game profiles and eventually make everything compatible. It's currently a d3d9.dll but I'm planning on making builds for other renderers too (d3d7/8/10/11 and opengl--possibly even SDL so I can play dwarf fortress and dosbox games)

    The new wrapper will feature a multithreaded headtracking frame smoother, so even if the game runs at 20 fps, the headtracking should update faster. I'm not completely sure if this will work yet, but it's looking like it will. Plus, I've already managed to use it to separate 2D draw calls (the hud, menus) out onto a 3D plane so they don't get out of sync with one another (fixing the cursor bug currently seen in morrowrift). Until the new wrapper works, just use the test dll if you really need to play morrowind on the rift-- I will likely not be updating it due to the existence of the promising new wrapper.

    Also, I'm testing the new wrapper with MGE XE instead of just regular MGE-- and it's very likely that it will support Oblivion and Skyrim too before too long. I've also tested it on Audiosurf since it was a simple d3d9 game, and it worked about as well as it did in Morrowind. I'm also planning on testing it on Natural Selection 2.

    I'll have a topic up for the new wrapper at some point after it's presentable -- I'm calling it "LlamaWrap" right now, but I might change the name if I think of a better one. Just wanted to tell anyone who might still be reading this topic that I'm still planning to finish making morrowind work flawlessly on the rift (even with XE)-- I just decided to expand to other games instead of just this one.
  • virrorvirror Posts: 402
    Hiro Protagonist
    "Since enthusiasm for this project seems to have vanished"

    Not true! We are just awaiting updates : D
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    Well, I posted a beta download and got almost no response, then got buried somewhere on page 3... so I assumed everyone forgot about it. Either way though, the new wrapper will be way better.
  • AnanasAnanas Posts: 181
    Cool, sounds great. Waiting to see how it turns out.
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    I've managed to get the FPS smoother semi-functional (it's an extra high-priority thread that tries to predict pixel changes based on its own updated knowledge of headtracking separate from the main game thread, though it only works in windowed mode)-- there's still some issues with distortion if you move your head too fast, but I'm still trying to fix them. The new wrapper doesn't truly render stereo yet though, it just uses the same view twice, and it also doesn't hack the view frustum or fov yet (except for menus). Since it's meant to be an all-purpose wrapper I'll have to give it some programmability for those features to be included. I tried launching it with skyrim today but it didn't start-- though that might be because my installation is broken after using a bunch of weird mods to try to get it working with vireio perception (which didn't work out so well, lol). I'm redownloading it and I'll debug the wrapper using both games fairly soon.
  • KoshinatorKoshinator Posts: 18
    Indeed, enthusiasm for the project has not vanished - I'm still quite excited. I completely missed the beta download update, as I don't check this forum out too often, and I'm looking forward to it getting "completed" (or at least abandoned in the best possible state ^_^)
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    Like I said, the "Morrowrift" version of the project has been discontinued (that is, my direct hack of MGE). However, I'm reusing most of the same code to make a general purpose wrapper which will be easier to adapt to other games in addition to morrowind (though making this new wrapper support MGE and MGE XE is the first thing I'm going to do). Until this wrapper supports something besides morrowind, however, I'm just going to post updates in this thread. I've actually been testing with MGE XE from the beginning with this one and already it's looking like it'll be better than what I could have done with a d3d8 replacement -- with XE it looks like water reflection and shadows will be fully supported in addition to just distantland. Right now it already has a new approach to rendering menus which will keep them magnified but also in the same field of view as the world, fixing the crosshair problem and probably loading screens too, plus the multithreaded frame tweening system which allows headtracking to have an effect even when the main process is frozen or lagging. In order to catch up to where the beta dll was, I'll need to add a right-eye view and a ram hack system to fix the frustum and game fov, then it'll pretty much be ready to adapt to other games, especially skyrim.
  • davidjcdavidjc Posts: 356
    I have been waiting realy for this, I tried to get Morrowind working with tridef but the vertical tracking is all messed up so I bascially gave up.
  • Im going to try the beta even though it was discontinued, Morrowind is one of my old favorites. How is the wrapper going? is there a site where you have posted any betas? I hope to hear some good news, my rift is gonna be here in a few days, and I would love to have the option to play morrowind with a different view.
  • superllamasuperllama Posts: 144
    This thread is the only place for updates currently, but the beta dll should work just fine and allow you to play the entire game comfortably-- main downsides are the crosshair fov bug and the fact that you have to turn off shadows and water reflections. The fps could be better in certain places too, and there's only one control scheme currently (headtracking deviates from the normal game view, mouse is not locked and cursor aim is not affected). The new wrapper will address these issues and also support more games, but I'm not able to work on it as often as I'd like due to IRL things going on at the moment. I will keep posting updates in this thread, and once the wrapper supports more games then I'll make a new thread and website for it.

    Decided how I'm going to do the profile system. When right shift is held, a transparent overlay will appear on-screen giving numbered options for changing settings, and you can press the number keys while holding right shift to make a choice. The overlay will actually be readable inside the rift too-- I'm hoping you'll be able to make a game rift-compatible while wearing the rift, starting out with nothing but drawing the backbuffer on both eyes properly distorted, and ending up with full headtracking, projected hud/menus, stereo, and wide fov. Of course, once you have a game profile set up with all the correct hacks and everything, you never need to do it again and can even send it to other people so they don't need to set it up manually either.
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