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Uploading Purchased Items to Oculus Quest Headset and Issue With First Steps Video

I am brand new to Oculus Quest and virtualy reality.  I bought my Oculus Quest this week and I have some questions/issues regarding its operation:

 1.  I watched First Steps and had problems using the video.  I got as far as testing the virtual hands and when it asked me to "press the button in front of you" - there was no

      button there for me to press.  I tried the video several times and got the same issue every time.  I am unable to go beyond this point in the video (near the beginning). 

 2.  I have downloaded the Oculus app on my iphone and done the settings set up.  However, I am unable to transfer/download the content I purchased on the app to my Oculus

      Quest handset.  I press the button to download and I get the same message "not connected" and it will not download.  On my phone my handset has been located and is           showing.  Do I need to be on wifi to download my purchases.  I know the descriptions of all the items I purchased said that a pc and internet are not needed to use it.  What         is going on?  How do I transfer/download purchases to my Oculus Quest? 

 3.  Are there insructional courses for beginners on Oculus Quest that I can attend (especially a classroom I can go to)?  I live in Massachusetts about 40 miles south of




  • ezop73ezop73 Posts: 318
    Q1. not sure about that problem it could be a corrupt software issue but a factory reset might help. please be mindful if you do a factory reset, YOU WILL loose all your game saves from ALL games unless you backit up (sidequest).

    Q2. Yes you need wifi/internet to download anything onto the quest, you dont need wifi to play most games on the quest but you need wifi/internet to download games and apps

    Q3. Not that I've heard of and i'd be very sceptical to attend if there was, to be honest its a learn as you go process .. if/WHEN you fail try, try again.
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