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Do I have to use both connectors on the quest for headphones?

zerocool1028zerocool1028 Posts: 3
Just what the title says. I saw the ear buds made to plug into each side of the quest. So my question is do I have to do both or can I plug my turtlebeach VR headset into one? I didn't get the quest yet just trying to figure out hewdphone options.

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  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,020 Volunteer Moderator
    You can plug any normal headphones into either jack. Both jacks provide stereo output. They provided two jacks so that the official earbuds can plug into each side with short cables, so you don't have excess cable length dangling and running from one side to the other.
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  • NunyabinezNunyabinez Posts: 17
    Just to clarify slightly, there are headphones that come as a pair where each are wired to just deliver just the left or right audio which makes it possible to plug one into each side and get stereo sound. They are usually very short so that you don't have to unplug them, you just pop them out of your ear.

    I currently use over the ear headphones and with those I plug into one side and then have to deal with the extra cord hanging down, plus I have to take off the headphones before I can take off the headset. I am getting the official Oculus ear buds for Christmas and I'm hoping that they still sound really good since they will be more out-of-the-way than my big headphones. 
  • zerocool1028zerocool1028 Posts: 3
    Ah thought maybe they were seperate for 3d audio. Thought maybe you would just get mono if plugged into just one. Thx for the help. I have the turtlebeach VR headphones for psvr they sound decent and are made to fit over a headset.
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