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Oculus rift s drivers broke all of my usb devices

So I just got my rift s in today and the second the drivers finished installing all of my USB devices disconected and even after a restart i can't get them working. Another note is that they do work in the BIOS its just as soon as it loads windows they all disconect and never reconect. (I would prefer not to reinstall windows)


  • jaymanhjaymanh Posts: 4
    On another note my pc is also no longer connecting to the internet on restart either.
  • jaymanhjaymanh Posts: 4
    No i can't get into safe mode because the keyboard disconnects before it gets that far in.
  • dburnedburne Posts: 4,426 Valuable Player
    That is very strange, sounds like something else may be going on there.
    Suggest you repost this in the Rift / Rift S forum instead, this is the Quest forum. Might get more help there.

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