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No power or signal | Risft S

M0rrr1tzM0rrr1tz Posts: 1
Hello, i have a problem with my rift s. When i plug in the Display port and the usb 3.0 port, nothing happends. No orange or white light in my rift s and the software cant detect the headset. Pls help me! 


  • DigitalDeejaysDigitalDeejays Posts: 2
    edited November 2019
    First time using it? Or that came suddenly?

    Oh and let me know your hardware :smiley:
  • kprnkskprnks Posts: 3
    The same for me, there is no light when plug it in. I've used it 3 months before the problem occured.
  • XxJah0vaxXXxJah0vaxX Posts: 5
    Just got mine today same problem only had power for maybe 5 minutes then stopped could not even finish the setup
  • HardGlockHardGlock Posts: 6
    @kprnks I am having the exact same situation as you.  Has Oculus support helped you at all?
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