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Quest Right Controller not working

firefist817firefist817 Posts: 8
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Basically I just got my quest today and I love it to death but randomly the right controller stopped working. It tracks fine but both triggers dont work, the regular a and b buttons work. I tried changing the batteries which done nothing, restarting the vr, and doing tutorial like 3 times. Something I noticed is when doing the tutorial the animations dont work for you hand on the right at all. Also I realized that the right trigger is constantly down (not physically but in game its always as if its constanyly being pressed down. PLEASE can someone help Im desperate and really want to use this vr.

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  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,307 Oculus Staff
    Hey firefist817, try removing the batteries for both controllers and inserting new or known good ones. If it persists, sometimes restarting the headset helps. Feel free to create a ticket here if you need further assistance. - Principe
  • firefist817firefist817 Posts: 8
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    Thanks but I've been trying for hours, I have concluded that I just got a faulty controller

  • firefist817firefist817 Posts: 8
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    @nerveGear that's exactly what happened to me I also bought a new controller

  • StoneyBeatZStoneyBeatZ Posts: 67
    Hiro Protagonist
    Yup, me too. So now it's pretty much useless until the new controller comes for us, and who knows when that will be. This is an oculus issue, I feel like they should be fixing it for us, not US shelling out 70 more dollars on top of the 500 I just spent just because theres something wrong with oculus right controllers. And they know it too because more than one person is reporting the same thing in the same controller. Yet WE the customer are the ones who are screwed tonight, since we cant play our oculus and we still spent hundreds of dollars. 
  • StoneyBeatZStoneyBeatZ Posts: 67
    Hiro Protagonist
    That's the same trigger problem I'm having too, when the controller DOES decide to come back on, the trigger is acting like its constantly pressed down, so you cant use the trigger button at all, then the controller will stop working again. Then you cant do anything pretty much. 
  • firefist817firefist817 Posts: 8
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    Welcome to the RIGHT CONTROLLER STOPPED WORKING club. 1 hour after I opened this thing out of the bix for christmas, the right controller just stopped working. It will eventually come back on, but it will eventually stop again. This is happening to LOTS of people lately. With the right controlle only. The batteries they sent, leaked battery acid inside just 1 hour into playing. We cleaned it out. Still dead. We put NEW batteries in. We left batteries out all night, we put more new ones in again today, still nothing. Then, it came on, then we played for a minute, then it died. This thing is ridiculous. Now I just spent another 70 bucks on a new controller 1 day after opening the box. Now we cant even use this 500 dollar piece of equipment without the right controller. And now were probably screwed for days. Oculus will start by telling you to take out the batteries and stuff like you dont know how to read or something. Then they will tell you to submit a support ticket or whatever, which only sends you an automated email saying they cant get to you for 2 days. So you cant do anything for at least 2 days in the meantime. Such BS. We deserve to know what's going on with these right controllers. Since oculus ruined our Christmas 
    just after reading this I went to go check my left controller that was working but It now broke as well as the right controller because of the battery leaking. I left the orginial battery in the left controller overnight because I didn't yet know that the batteries were the reason the right controller broke. I am now waiting for Oculus to get back to me with replacing the controller but will probely be a month before I get to use my Quest. I am outraged with Oculus because I payed for a high quality vr which broke within the first hour.
  • StoneyBeatZStoneyBeatZ Posts: 67
    Hiro Protagonist
    I feel your pain man, let me know what the tell you. Because I just got pissed and paid for a new controller. I'm not trying to jump thru all the hoops they have for you. This is obviously a huge problem, and they're not even addressing it with us paying customers. To have these things fail in the first hour with more than 1 customer, something should be said. We should be overnighted new controllers for free.
  • firefist817firefist817 Posts: 8
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    That's funny because I also bought a new controller so I dint have to go through the long process but my other controller also broke because of the faulty batteries so now I have to refund the right controller because I'm not buying two new controllers that's way to expensive for something I already bought
  • pacificblue72pacificblue72 Posts: 10
    Both my controllers seem to be broke. The tracking beam jumps all
    over the place. I can’t even make it past the intial set up
  • andy_m5andy_m5 Posts: 3
    Omg!!! I’m in the club to🤦🏻‍♂️
    This is what I have so far.on the headset doing a update after a reboot I can see the controllers .once it’s done the update and updates the controllers they disappear!!!
    so then when I push the power button on the headset to power down (just one short press) I have a look around vr I can see them behind me .see if anyone has the same problem ?
    could be a software problem .
    got a ticket No 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🙁
    have got it going a few times it looks so cool I’m gutted to be in this club
    fix it !!
  • OogardOogard Posts: 1
    Wow!  Just pulled it out of the box and my Right controller doesn’t work.  Have tried all the silly troubleshooting tips but nothing works.  What a huge disappointment!!!  Please move over and make room for one more in this prestigious club.  And how many folks are in the same spot but don’t bother to post about it here?  I’m guessing it’s a significant number.  I hope you are monitoring these post Oculus.  This should be addressed ASAP.  If nothing else please acknowledge this issue and give us an update.  Again....huge disappointment.  
  • ForeverwiseForeverwise Posts: 1
    My left controller doesnt work.  Bought two spares.  Haven't even got to play yet.
  • Davidmelbourne1Davidmelbourne1 Posts: 1
    My right controller also stopped working, very unimpressed, good to know it is a battery leaking issue. Luckily removed it from the other controller after reading this forum! Waiting for oculus to get back to me. Anyone have any idea how long the process takes for them to repair/send a replacement? 
  • rqbutler03rqbutler03 Posts: 1
    Hello, my left controller wasn't working. Here is what I did to fix it:
    1. Place both controllers next to each other.
    2. Reboot your Oculus (in my case, Oculus Quest).
    3. When the Oculus reboots, you should see the Left/Right (depending on which one has the issue) controller updating onscreen.
    4. Once the update is complete, the controller should work.

    Hope this helps.

  • ilaina.meislerilaina.meisler Posts: 2
    I am a new member of the club.  

    Has has anyone got a new controller and proved it’s the controller that is broken not the sensors. 

    Want to make sure new controller works before ordering. 

  • Posts: 22
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    26 days and still waiting on word of a new right controller being shipped.

    Worst warranty customer service in my life,,, and I'm 58 years old
  • InterGraphicsInterGraphics Posts: 1
    edited January 2020
    Same problem here, guys!
    The right controller stopped working after less than 1 hour of using after unpacking :'(. That PS Alkaline battery just leaked out. I didn't believe it's an alkali (I thought It was water) and tasted in on my tongue (DON'T DO IT). Unfortunately, I removed the battery not so quickly, so the controller is dead now even after wiping the battery container. I believe the inner part is broken because there was much liquid inside... 

    Take a look at the batteries. They seem to be rumpled.
  • JustLiveALifeJustLiveALife Posts: 1
    My left controller stopped working today it I will remove the battery, put it back in, have it work for about 15 seconds, it disconnects after saying low battery, and then I’m back at square one (and yes I have tried SEVERAL batterys). I’ve tried a hard reset AND reconnecting them I’ve been at this for well over 2 hours trying to find a fix, but NOTHING I really need some help.
  • CageRaidHDCageRaidHD Posts: 1
    So I was unaware of the battery issue and put in the batteries that oculus sent with the headset. I put them in, played for about half an hour, set them down, and when I went to pick them up again, “right controller can’t be found” yup, battery leaked all inside my right controller. I sent a ticket to oculus, God knows how long it will be before I get to play again. Oculus should be better than this.
  • Motorider16Motorider16 Posts: 1
    Did anyone get this resolved thru oculus or am stuck buying new controller 
  • Pharaoh99Pharaoh99 Posts: 1
    Well.... I kind of joined the club about a month ago... but fortunately, I bought it from a retailer... so I took it back as it was a week old, as in, took the whole Quest back... then ordered a new one... 2 weeks in, the right controller stopped working.. I unpaired it, now I can't pair it anymore, so I can't pas the initial setup.... uuugghh... it is definitely a QC issue with the right controllers... batteries have nothing to do with mine, as I didn't use their cheap batteries, but immediately used I can tell you what stopped mine from working is not a leaky battery, but something in the controller.. I know they're packed with sensors and all.. but still... I did open a support ticket, chatted with someone, and now I am in the 2 day purgatory till they get back to me... I can't say I am too surprised because they're simply owned by Facebook... enough said!!
  • calvin.enderscalvin.enders Posts: 1
    Mine just went out on me today. Didn't know what was going on. I don't think it's a connection issue. I can't seem to get it to power up. Left controller seems to be working fine. 
  • katywingskatywings Posts: 1
    Just found this thread... I guess atleast we are not alone. I got my quest on last wednesday, the battery in the right controller leaked in a few hours gametime during the next days and now the controller is dead.
  • timonearthtimonearth Posts: 1
    Joy still happening I see. Anyone had luck with getting a new controller yet?
  • RufflesFalcorRufflesFalcor Posts: 1
    Played one song on beat saber and my right hand dissapeared after. There are several people indicating that the right hand control is a problem. Has anyone gotten help? I have had this thing 3 days. This is a terrible problem that the general public is unaware of. This is worse than joy con drift. This problem makes the more expensive system unplayable. I am in 2 business day purgatory but if the solution is to give them more money for a new controller that would be unacceptable. 
  • mystqmystq Posts: 1

    Have the batteries out of the controller, turn on the quest when it gets to the room boundary menu put both batteries in at the same time,,,,,,,, Your welcome :)      
  • fancy_moyogafancy_moyoga Posts: 1
    Thank you for your idea, but it did not work for me.  
    Here is what I tried for an initial fix. It worked for me at first, I will let you know if it continues to work.
    1. Take a Q Tip, and dab it in some white vinegar.
    2. Open the controller and take out the battery.
    3. Wipe down the connection inside the controller to remove any corroded battery acid
    4. Wipe down the end of the battery as well.
    5. Then re-insert the battery and boot up.
    Give that a shot...
  • RaidianceRaidiance Posts: 1
    Guys... I've dead left controller and I've FIXED it.
    Here's what I did.

    1. Take out the batteries.
    2. Clean both ends at the battery chamber.
      My guess is that the included battery leaked, just as you guys mentioned above.
    3. Take out if there's any crust.
      Those leakages made crust so that it prevents the Head Battery (+) to connect the electricity.
      I used even sharp tool to remove it, it was necessary.
    4. Use cotton buds as a finisher.
    In my case, it seems that the battery chamber was only dirty so that it prevents battery electricity to do their job.
    I think YouTubers should give a warning not to use included battery right off the bat.

  • MelTheMegMelTheMeg Posts: 1
    Joining the club ... 
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