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Vader Immortal Purchase Voucher

I'm curious if you purchase a back-ordered Oculus Quest which has a current voucher to be able to redeem Vader Immortal prior to January 31st 2020. Since the dates for the order have extended into February will those vouchers still be valid even if you purchased the unit before then?


  • ezop73ezop73 Posts: 318
    I would hope so but I think oculus support will be able to answer it better
  • TheMooTheMoo Posts: 8
    The Vader immortal voucher has been extended to March third, but that doesn’t help me lol, I just back-ordered mine and it says it will “ship out by February 27th” and with the at least 5 days shipping, maybe idk shipping times, but if it takes more then 4 days ya know... it go expire unless they extend it so let’s all pray or something and hope they all come early, because waiting 2 months is sorta bs
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