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Rift S Left Controller not working - No tracking Posts: 3
edited January 9 in Support
Hello, so i just bought a used rift s on ebay and cant get the left controller working. Maybe i miss something as a newbie but i am searching for a solution since hours... So the left controller is doing nothing, it is not shown under devices, i cant pair it and i have no led light up. The right controller is working fine. I already changed the battery of course.


  • Posts: 3
    edited January 9
    So i played around with the battery a little bit and the controller was working for 30min but now the tracking isnt working, led light is on. The right controller is still working fine. Any solutions ? I probably bought it faulty or is there a chance i crashed it while setting up or similar ? In VR the left Controller / hand is laying around on the floor, buttons are still useable, so i can form a fist and so on...
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