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2 PCs 1 Geforece 1080 other Geforce 1070 a Rift and a Rift S Do i need to buy the game TWICE?

I got 2 alienware pcs the 1070 is running the rift. IO want to buy the Rift S and put it oin the second pc (1080)
I have one oculus account.  If i want to play with a friend against or with him at the same time
DO i need to have a second account? and buy the same game again?

Best Answer


  • w_benjaminw_benjamin Posts: 198
    Yes you do.
    I have two PC's, and two CV1's.
    Each needs its own account and purchased games.

  • AntrelAntrel Posts: 2
    that takes the fun out oif it ................ Shame

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