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Refund option

PloktzPloktz Posts: 3
I think that a refund option would be great for Oculus if a game is too extreme or to laggy they could refund it it would also be good for the community if a game is completely broken somebody could ask for a refund and it could get sent to the user bank account.


  • ShowbizDonkeyShowbizDonkey Posts: 302 Oculus Staff
    Hey there - you are able to request refunds for content you purchased on the Oculus store. We have some support articles that goes into more detail about what content qualifies. Here's the Quest one for example:
  • PloktzPloktz Posts: 3

    I am sorry i was late! I was on a break for a few days because i was sick, i had bought this a days ago after the 14 day Limit and when i bought it i turned it on and played it i got a bad mi-grain and i thought "Oh it might be just a mi-grain from not eating" so i got a meal and felt tired and went to sleep the next day i got some break fast and went upstairs to play turned it on and after 10 minutes of playing i got another mi-grain so i just thought "Well Oculus wont refund it because its a different developers money and they cant take it of them" So then i forgot about it until i thought a bout posting that Discussion 
  • ManydoorsManydoors Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
    edited January 30
    I put in a refund for one game and the notification came through telling my request was for another game which just so happens to be my favourite game. I can no longer play it.  Honestly I'm going stick with my rift s and buy through steam.
    I'm am so mad with Oculus.  How could they mess up such a simple thing.
  • Eradicator99Eradicator99 Posts: 25
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    You will find Oculus very accomodating for returns...FOR ANY REASON if played less than 2hrs over a 13 day period? You can return! Oculus took less then 36 hrs to credit pp, Steam took under 2 hrs.

    I have returned over $120 to the two of them this week, and if I play a game or run an app, I know w/i a very few minutes if I will keep it or not.

    Also, be sure to compare pricing across the two...often one will be running a sale.

  • ManydoorsManydoors Posts: 21
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    Do they email you when you have been credited?  Seeing as I didn't want the game refunded I will have to buy it again.   If I buy it before the refund has gone trough they are most likely going to delete my new purchase as well seeing as its for the same game..
  • waqar.khattak.33865waqar.khattak.33865 Posts: 11
    Yes, of course. 
  • Umpa_PCUmpa_PC Posts: 835
    I reckon there should be a rule that if a developer wants in on the Oculus store they have to make a demo and the demo must reflect how the actual game will look like and play.
    Further, when you buy the game, the demo is removed from your device and account,  I mean who wants to still see the demo after you bought the full game.
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