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My AntiVirus Blocks the Software

FelixCraft12716FelixCraft12716 Posts: 1
Unfortunately I have to write this with a translator because I am from Germany.
It's like when I download a game from the Oculus Store, if it ends up blocking it, I've already tried everything like with the whitelist of the antivirus and much more, but the game is blocked again and again. I have unfortunately canceled my games now, but can someone please help me to solve this problem?
If something is unclear, please let me know

Kind regards Felix


  • kobs57kobs57 Posts: 192
    edited February 1
    My suggestion would be to uninstal your anti virus (what ever it is) and use window's. I have been on it for years and my system is still clear. (I do not do porn loll) No one needs to pay for fancy (expensive) anti virus when you have one already. Window's will ask you if you want to give access or not, unless it threatens the system itself, if it does, you can still add them to the safe list (hacked free programs, I have a few of those lol)
    Edit: if window's is what you use just disable the real time protection before you download
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  • Comic_Book_GuyComic_Book_Guy Posts: 1,212
    Whatever anti virus you're using...stop using it. You don't need it. Windows Defender, the built in firewall and common sense is all you need.
  • TheViRuS99TheViRuS99 Posts: 1
    do a reinstall/repair of the oculus software 😉 that worked for me 
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