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This software is by far the worst i ever used, packed full of problems!!

If i had of known had utterly horrible the oculus software app was i would have never wasted my hard earned money on this crap. I have been over two months with this and have had every error and problem under the sun getting this to work. No display port detected , oculus needs to restart, black screens and half screens and screens with the little circle with 3 black dots. Unplug this then replug that ,restart computer, update drivers or use oculus in beta mode. I get it to work to play for a bit then take it off and when i put it on to have another go all the same problems are back.A company with billions and they piss all over us with there shitty software. Last cent they will ever get from me.

Pissed off


  • adam.poole.313adam.poole.313 Posts: 154
    Welcome to the club, you aren't the only one. I'm curious, can you list what motherboard and video card you have?
    Oculus Rift S, CV1
    Intel i7-8700K
    ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero
    16GB DDR4 x 2
    4 TB SDD, 2 TB SSD, 1 TB SSD
    Windows 10 Home
  • victor.mirskyvictor.mirsky Posts: 2
    I feel your pain bro. I'm facing the same problems. I've contact Oculus support and they requested me to recover, uninstall and reinstall the Oculos app but nothing seems to work. They said they know there are software issues and they are working to fix them, but since I bought the Oculus I've had a lot of problems and avery version released is worst than the one before. I regret buying the Oculus Rifit S but now I can't return it because too much time has passed...
    I'm going to reinstall everything from scratch now, wish me luck! 
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