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Tbone5309Tbone5309 Posts: 1
Just ordered the Oculus Quest and waiting for delivery. Any tips on taking care of it, or accessories that aren't entirely obvious? (Things you use or need to do that you wouldn't think)


  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 656
    edited February 26
    This is what I purchased for mine:
    • Decent quality lense cleaning cloths (such as those used for cleaning glasses lenses). I use Waka lint free microfibre cloths. 
    • I use non-alcohol containing antibacterial facial wipes to clean down the headset every now and then. 
    • Panasonic Eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries for controllers. 
    • Many owners (including myself) find the headset uncomfortable after a certain duration (for me about 30 mins!) So I use this which helps distribute the headsets weight and cushions the back of the head and this AMVR facial interfance replacment. It has a pleather face pad and memory foam which I find much more comfortable and easier to clean than the standard facial interface. Some people prefer the facial interface by VR Cover, I personally prefer AMRs. I would suggest trying it out for comfort when you first get it to see if you want to purchase anything like this.
    • My AMVR facial interface also came with a lens protector which is useful.
    There are many other accessories but they are all entirely optional. 

    Some people purchase external batteries packs so they can play for longer, some owners modify the headset and strap the battery pack to the back of the headset to act as a counter weight. There are now some some companies making battery packs specifically for Quest such as this and

    I am also using Oculus Link allot, so purchased some third party USB 3.0 cables for this. 

    Some owners modify the Quest by attaching a VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap (aka frankenquest - Google it!)

    There are also various hand grip replacements such as these
  • RedDog_PJRedDog_PJ Posts: 6
    Hey TBone! I've had my quest for 2 weeks... I think I waited about 3 weeks for it to be delivered from Amazon. While I was waiting I watched a lot of YouTube videos and many of them were about recommended accessories. Here is the video that was most helpful for me. There are links for each piece of gear that he suggests to purchase. The ones I purchased and feel have been helpful for me are the controller grips and straps, the carrying case from Harbor Freight, the rechargeable batteries for the controllers (listen to the video to find out why he suggested that particular brand), and finally the face cover.  I hope the video helps you as much as it did me: 

    At this point, I cannot post a link... so instead, go to YouTube and search for this title:

    Ultimate Oculus Quest Accessories Guide! (Best Oculus Quest Accessories Series)

  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,132 Volunteer Moderator
    One important rule: be very careful of the sun.
    It's tempting to take the Quest outside, which will generally work fine. But if the lenses catch direct sunlight, it can burn a hole in the screens extremely quickly. Think of a magnifying glass.

    (It's not just the Quest, all VR headsets can have this happen if direct sunlight from a window hits the lenses. The Quest is just more likely since it can be used outside)
  • iTesla8iTesla8 Posts: 106
    edited March 2
    Most of VR users forget to mention one important accessory, but i will tell you.
    If you plan to play the whole day, don't forget to buy pampers for any exeptional situations!
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  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 15,009 Valuable Player

    Biggest take-aways:
    • Avoid sunlight
    • Get a counterweight
    • Get the top-strap
    Comfort is a huge issue with Quest, but with the proper accessories it is a glorious piece of hardware!
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