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my cable keeps winding on itself, even when I don't play. How can I fix that ?

el_goblinoel_goblino Posts: 1
it's really annoying, could you help me ?


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 349

    By winding on itself, I'm guessing you mean it twists and creates loops. It has to get twisted somehow for that to happen, but if it's not that, it may just be the fact that it comes coiled up.

    If you lay it out straight on the floor and place small weights on either end, over time it should loose its tendancy to coil up.

  • kobs57kobs57 Posts: 185
    You must be turning always in the same direction most peoples do that without knowing clock wise or counter I do that too, what I did was screw a hook over where I put my headset and let it hang at the end of the wire, I have a 6 ft. extension so I never have to unplug it from the comp.
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