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Multiplayer Testing using One Samsung Gear device?

Faheemahmad12Faheemahmad12 Posts: 1
How could i test Samsung Gear VR Multiplayer without having 2 gear vr devices?


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 346
    Hi, here's a few suggestions:

    1- Buy another Gear VR

    2- Reverse engineer your Gear VR and manufacture one

    3- Write a Gear VR emulator for you PC

    4- Make friends with someone that owns a Gear VR

    I believe Oculus has dropped support for the Gear VR. Are you developing an app, or just want to play an existing title? If you just want to play a multiplayer title you're gonna need a second headset or friend someone online with the same app.
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