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The Stanley Parable and VR made for each other

madmickmadmick Posts: 134
edited December 2013 in Games and Apps Tridef.....equals......A fun and mad VR :mrgreen: experience....I highly recommend it


  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    Awesome to know! Just out of curiosity, I've played the game some so i know that there is a lot of narration as part of gameplay. Any chance someone playing it in VR can still see all the subtitles?
  • silentdriversilentdriver Posts: 15
    @madmick: may I ask how you got it to run?

    Right now it's on sale at the steam store but getting it to work with tridef is kind of fizzy for me (although I'm already glad to get at least an image of the game on the rift - but unfortunately it's a bit small and not as immersive as I had hoped it to be)
  • madmickmadmick Posts: 134
    I haven't got time today but to morrow I will go in game and copy and post the settings that work best for me ..and maybe with a few personal tweaks will work for you
  • mallmagicianmallmagician Posts: 297 Oculus Start Member
    Could I trouble you for your settings too?

  • madmickmadmick Posts: 134
    Sorry about the delay .....Video settings in game....FOV slider all the way to the left

    Tridef panel in game: 3D: 3d screen depth 70....performance high ..3d texture copy on
    output image stretch 100

    HMD scale 2.00....force FOV both..output FOV..108 OSD depth 0.20 ..Output quality high...these setting are the most immersive....and the scale as normal as I can get it ..but it is down to personal preference
  • silentdriversilentdriver Posts: 15
    hi madmick,
    thank you so much for all your efforts. gonna try the settings out in the next few days. can't wait any longer to get that very specific game to work with the rift.

    greetings from Austria!
  • madmickmadmick Posts: 134
    I have found that standing up while playing is the best way to play this game for immersion...and don't laugh walking on the spot I have found eliminates any motion sickness may feel stupid at first but it does work :D
  • Played the Stanley Parable the day before the rift arrived, wish I'd done it on that first! I don't find there's much to replay (except all the variables of course)
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