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Epic Statues Demo

shprottyshprotty Posts: 5
edited December 2013 in Games and Apps
Hi, everyone. Two weeks ago I received my Oculus Rift DevKit and started to try demos and games. And one demo impressed me the most. It was UDK little game named New World. In that game there are two very big statues of giants. When you look at them you feel yourself so small and weak. So I created a unity demo about very big statues.
Headphones are recommended.

Here's the link:

In the future I want to make this demo more dynamic. Sculptures will fall and destroy.



  • silentdriversilentdriver Posts: 15
    it's great! especially when you're (like me) heading for demos that gives you that weird feeling about proportions/vastness/etc.

    Can't wait to see your update!
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    Those statues are huge! And the fact that it takes ages to run over to one really drives that point home. Nice collection of models you found. The music is a good fit. :)

    It would be good if there is a way to turn around so that I can continue to use the keyboard (which always remains physically in front of me) to move where I want to go.

    Thanks for this!
  • TherionNLDTherionNLD Posts: 11
    I like the idea of this demo, some suggestions:

    - The stars don't seem to display properly, my eyes can't focus on them and I wasn't sure if it was dust close by or stars
    - I'm very low to the ground which is weird
    - Would indeed be nice to be able to turn with the mouse or QE on keyboard
    - Maybe an idea to start out with smaller statues and then as you walk forward they collapse (from a lightning bolt accompanied by a nice boomy sound/music effect maybe) and new bigger statues appear (drop from above perhaps)
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